Trixie radioed…

It’s the 2nd day of 2007 and only 1 month and 16 days until the Daytona 500. I purchased my satellite radio console from Circuit City so that I may listen to Tony’s Sirius radio show and of course the NASCAR action this year. I was wondering when Speed was going to start their NASCAR coverage for 2007 and it begins next Monday. WOO HOO!!! Plus…I will get to watch the boys on our NEW 42′ Plasma TV!!!!

I have occupied my off season with watching some decent NFL games and some great college bowl games of late. First off was the TTU~Minnesota game. I still amazed how the Red Raiders came back in their bowl game. (Sidenote–Minnesota fired their coach on Sunday, December 31.) And then last night’s Bosie State~Oklahoma game. I was rooting for Boise State throughout the game. As a Texan, I just can’t root for Oklahoma. But I have to give the Sooners some credit for coming back and making a game of it.

It’s finally over with it and the Red Raider men’s basketball team can get down to business. Coach Knight now has the all time wins record. Congratulations Coach Knight. Whether you like Coach Knight or not having 880 wins under your belt is an accomplishment.

I am somewhat glad 2006 is over with. It was all that great of a year for me. However, I am looking forward to 2007. I have a lot to look forward these days. I don’t usually make resolutions because well…I usually end up breaking them so why bother. What I plan to do is make little changes that I know I can accomplish and feel good about.

One final note…I would like to wish Ms. H. on her venture into the adult world. Hope you find that “home” you are looking for.

That’s all from The Park.

3 thoughts on “2007

  1. Congrats to coach…and he did it his way!

    I’m with you on not having too many resolutions…baby steps are better!

  2. Still waiting on more details on the in-car audio SIRIUS is gonna provide. If they’re gonna have Tony’s scanner feed on every week, I’m in.

  3. Happy New Year…from one Tony fan to another…..
    I can hardly wait ’till Daytona…Thank God for Football and Hockey…I’m Canadaian…ha ha
    Enjoy the SIRIUS..I think it would have been overload for my hubby..lol. Ejoyed reading your blog….glad I stumbled on to it.
    Take care

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