10 years

3,650 days

219,000 hours

13, 140, 000 minutes

788, 400, 000 seconds

Those are the numbers as of April 18, 2021.

I have always been fascinated by numbers. I don’t know when it started, but I love numbers. I like to see how numbers relate to one another. I like what numbers have to say or sometimes what they aren’t saying. Numbers can be both positive and negative…figuratively and literally. I look for number patterns in everyday life. Numbers are fascinating. So once again, when did this love of numbers start? I think it is tied to my love of sports.

I took a sports history course several years ago. If you ever get a chance to study the history of sports, do so, its rather fascinating…especially the history of baseball. Baseball has always been about numbers. It’s deep rooted in numbers. I am sure there is a statistic out there about the number of times a red headed-left handed batter, has hit a home run on a Sunday in June in odd numbered years. That would be a crazy statistic, but that’s baseball. Henry Chadwick is the person you can thank for the obsession with numbers in baseball.

Henry Chadwick or sometimes called the “Father of Baseball”. He is credited with creating the box score and the “K” for a strikeout. He assigned numbers to the different positions for score-keeping purposes, which still stands today. If you have ever read a baseball box score, you know exactly how the game went. Numbers…

So how did this post divert from numbers to baseball? Don’t worry, I am getting back to that.


The Ohio State Buckeyes football team has not been beaten by that TTUN (aka University of Michigan) since the 2012 season. The last time they lost was during the 2011 season. OSU has became National Champs in 2014. They went 14-1. The only team to beat OSU that year was Virginia Tech (in Columbus). VA Tech’s quarterback that day–Michael Brewer. Michael Brewer was a transfer from another Tech school…Texas Tech. Connections with numbers…

1970…6th OSU National Championship


I listed 5 numbers at the top of this post. 5 numbers. Numbers that increase each and every day.

These numbers as of April 18 are the years, months, days, minutes, seconds, that my life has existed without my father.

My father was killed in a car accident on April 18, 2011. I miss him every day. This is the time I haven’t had a chance to talk about Ohio State football with him. This are the numbers of time where he hasn’t see my children. These are the numbers where I can’t ask for his advice about life. These are the numbers that dictate the hole in my heart because he is no longer alive.

As an only child, it’s been difficult to live without my father. I lost my mother in the same year 2011) eight months later…numbers. So yea…it has been difficult for me. I told someone once that if you have never lost a parent, you don’t know the pain. I lost part of who I am. I lost the one person who I could turn to talk sports…and I mean really talk about it. I lost the person who understood the Ohio State fandom. He just understood.

So with that…my Dad.

Claude Wendell Crews–born in 1940 to Goffrey and Pearl Crews in West Virginia. He was the youngest of 4 children. He had two brothers and one sister. He was the last of his siblings to pass away. He was married twice, the second time to my mother. They had one child…me. He served in the Air Force for 4 years. He worked all his life in the aerospace industry working on airplanes, helicopters, and any other flying machines. He loved fishing, golfing, and watching sports. He loved drinking beer and could shoot a mean game of pool. He was stubborn and had a temper. He moved his family to Texas in 1975 from Ohio. He taught me to love the Ohio State Buckeyes, how to change a tire, fish, hunt, drive a car, and I hate to say it, quite a few cuss words from him. His work ethnic was undeniable. When he was on strike from Bell Helicopter during a spell, he took a job at a gas station to provide for his family. He would give you the shirt off his back. He loved talking to people. He didn’t care if he didn’t know them or not. It’s the one thing I wish I had learned from him. He loved country music. His favorite song…”Amarillo by Morning”. I would suspect he would have preferred that he had a son, but lucky him he got a daughter.

There is so much more to this man I call my Dad. If you knew him, you know about him. Like with anyone he had his faults and failures, but who hasn’t. But in the end, he was my Dad. I miss and love him each and every day.

Thank you for letting me share my father with you.

I love you Daddy.

**Footnote…the last time the Ohio State football team lost to Michigan was 2011…the year my daddy die. Coincidence…I think not.**

WWE…why not?

It’s another Monday night and I am sitting down and watching WWE Raw on the USA Network.  Monday’s can be rough at times, but my escape is to watch WWE.  For three hours, I can take a break from the stress of my life and be entertained.  It’s that what it’s all about?

For years I have been ridiculed for watching wrestling.  People have told me it’s all scripted.  And I tell, them so.  It’s entertainment.  It’s no different than some of these reality shows that are on television today.  I mean where can you watch some amazing athletes, and yes I said athletes, perform each and every week.  It takes quite a bit of athletic ability to perform many of the moves week in and week out.   All you have to do is pull up videos on You Tube or WWE Network and watch.

I fell in love with wrestling back in the day when I lived in Amarillo.  I would watch wrestling from the World Famous Sportatorium from Dallas, Texas.  Every Saturday night my parents would let me stay up past my bedtime to watch.  I watched the Von Erichs battle the Fabulous Freebirds. I loved Chris Adams, then hated Chris Adams, then loved Chris Adams.  This all depended on what side of the fence he was at the time.  But my favorites were the Von Erichs…specifically Kevin Von Erich.  Like clockwork there I was sitting in front of the television watching these athletes wrestle.  It was as flashy as it is now, but it was still fun to watch.  I also remember watching wrestling on a station of Atlanta, Georgia.  I remember watching Rick Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Rod Piper and many more.  I loved watching the Texas Steel cage matches.  I remember one time they had two rings side by side and wrestlers in both rings.  They would throw each other in and out of both rings.  Who could forget the matches at Texas Stadium?  It was my dream as a girl to go and see those matches at Texas Stadium.  The closet I ever got was when they came to Amarillo.  I went with some of my friends from junior high to watch, I believe Kerry Von Erich and others wrestle.  It’s such a rush…we got to sit ringside.  I also remember we got to be in a promo commercial for the next time they were in town.  That was the only time I was able to watch any Von Erich wrestle live.

Just like with any sporting event I watched, my father was there.  I remember my father bought me a purple satin jacket with a yellow rose and a state of Texas on the back with the words “Von Erich” on it as well.  He found at the big huge flea market in Grand Prairie.  I cherished that jacket!  I was devastated when I had to get rid of it of because I ripped the side of it.  But Daddy came through for me one more time…this time it would be in the form of an autograph from Kerry Von Erich.  He was traveling to Dallas or back from Dallas on Southwest.  And lo and behold, Kerry was on board.  Thinking of his daughter, he asked for his autograph.  I still have that envelope to this day.  It is one of my most cherished items.

Now, I am passing my love for wrestling to my two sons.  They are as passionate as I was back in the day  Several months ago I was able to take them to see WWE Live.  My youngest was able to watch his favorite wrestler…John Cena.  I got so much delight watching both of my sons enjoy WWE that night.  They both know which wrestlers are the good guys and which are the bad guys. They can’t wait to watch every week.

So, why do I like wrestling?  I just do.  I subscribe to WWE Network.  I follow WWE on social media including many of the wrestlers on Twitter.  I find myself cheering and booing every week.  At times I feel sorry for my neighbors.  What must they think?  The probably had no idea when I moved in they would be living next to a WWE fan!  The stories are fun to watch!  And well…to be frank…there is a lot of eye candy for this gal…I mean come one ladies…Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and many others.  No matter who you cheer for, just cheer.

So as this Monday night closes I am rested, relaxed, and stress free, ready to hit tomorrow’s work day!

Thank you WWE!


Daddy and Buckeyes

Hi, my name is Trixie, and I AM an Ohio State Buckeyes fan.  I have been for as long as I can remember. I don’t make any apologies about my fandom for The Ohio State Buckeyes.  I cheer for them regardless of they are playing or what sport except when they play my beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders.  And when they played the Bobby Knight coached Indiana Hoosiers back in the day.  Other than that, I love the Buckeyes.

From the time I was born, the Buckeyes were it.  My father loved the Buckeyes.  He love them until the day he died.  That was his team. I remember his tales about the Buckeyes and the Woody Hayes days.  Whenever there was a Buckeyes football game on television, nothing else mattered.  Of course this was in a time when there wasn’t ESPN or College Game Day.  I remember tuning into ABC on Saturdays to see if my Daddy’s Buckeyes would be on television.  I remember listening to one of my favorite college announcers Keith Jackson calling the games.  As a Buckeyes fan, you developed your hatred for that university from Ann Arbor early on.  I still have this hatred for Michigan even today.  I never cheer for them.  I didn’t openly root for them when they played that university from Austin, TX in the 2005 Rose Bowl but I didn’t want them to lose to that team from Austin.  They didn’t win (oh darn).  But my hatred of that team from Austin is slightly deeper than my hatred of that team from Ann Arbor.  Ohio State vs Michigan was a tradition in our household.

As I mentioned, my father passed on his love of the Ohio State Buckeyes to me.  The only time I got to see them play live was in the 1987 Cotton Bowl against the Texas A&M Aggies.  Ohio State won that day 28-12!  I still have the pennant my parents bought me on that day.  My first year at Texas Tech University, his beloved Buckeyes played my Red Raiders.  This was probably the first time, I did not cheer for OSU.  We almost beat them.  Of course, my father needled me about the game.  The only time I can remember him not cheering for the Buckeyes, was when the TTU Lady Raiders played the Lady Buckeyes in the NCAA Women’s National Basketball game back in 1992. In case you didn’t know, TTU won that day.  It was my turn now to needle my dad.

The Buckeyes won the football championship in 2002.  I was so excited that I could share this moment with my father.  The last time his Buckeyes had won the national championship was in 1970, the year I was born.  Coincidence, I think not.  We talked about the game on numerous occasions.  When we would talk during football season, he would always ask me if I watched the Buckeyes and how my Red Raiders did.

My bucket list of sporting events, is to see a OSU vs Michigan in Columbus.  If I ever get the chance, I will take my daddy’s ashes with me.  This is the only way I am able to see the game with my father now.  My father died in April 2011.  I didn’t watch any Buckeyes football games during the  fall 2011 season except for the OSU vs Michigan game.  I didn’t have the strength to even turn games on that football season.  I didn’t have my father.  Who would I talk to about the Buckeyes?  But I had to watch the OSU/Michigan game.  I didn’t want to let him down.  I knew he would be watching from heaven.  Ohio State lost that day, but for the first time all season I was able to watch the Buckeyes again.

I would like to think my daddy would have been very excited about Urban Meyer being the Buckeyes coach. He has brought Ohio State back to prominence after the scandal under Jim Tressel.  Oh for those who don’t know OSU won their 8th national title in 2014.  Even though I do not like Michigan, I think the OSU/Michigan rivalry is back when Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh.  It may not reach the level of intensity as it was in the Woody Hayes/Bo Schembechler days, but it’s going to be fun to watch.

I miss my Daddy.  I still watch Ohio State any chance I get.  I would like to think he tunes in every Saturday with me to watch from above.  I miss not be able to talk to him about the game.  I would love to pick his brain about what he thinks of the new playoff system or any other sports item.  I would like to think he is sitting somewhere discussing Ohio State with Woody Hayes.  I bet those are interesting conversations.

I miss and love you Daddy.  Here’s hoping the Ohio State Buckeyes are back in the National Championship game this year.  Go Bucks!  Beat Michigan!




I hate the fact that I haven’t spent much time on my blog.  For years, I loved writing in this space.  It was a way for me to write about NASCAR and other things that tickled my fancy.  But as with anything over the past 5 years, other things have taken over my life.

When I started this blog back in April 7, 2005 (can’t believe it’s been that long ago), my life was little bit less complicated.  During the past almost 11 years, I adopted 2 boys (they are now 12 & 7), lost both parents (April 2011/December 2011) and been through a transformation of sorts.  Writing became secondary to events that occurred in my life.  For the most part, I am still following NASCAR with the same passion as I always have, but I just haven’t had the time to write about it here in The Park.  Trust me when I say, I have talked about NASCAR with others whether they wanted to hear about it or not.  When you are friends with me, it pretty much comes with the territory.

Before I get into things (and for those new to The Park), I am an opinionated and passionate NASCAR fan.  I don’t always agree with decisions, rules, and policies by NASCAR–and I will voice my opinions.  I am very frank about which drivers like and don’t like.  It doesn’t mean I can’t respect and appreciate their talent.  It’s just I like certain drivers.  It’s nothing personal.  For those who know me, I have never been the biggest fan of Jimmie Johnson.  Do I cheer when he has a bad day?  Yes.  Do I want to see him hurt in a crash? No.  But it doesn’t mean, I cannot appreciate his skill and talent out there on the racetrack.  I have seen him take a piece of crap, dented, damaged, ready for the junk yard car and take it to victory lane.  He isn’t a 6 time NASCAR champion for nothing.  I mean he won the whole kit and caboodle 5 times in a row.   Say what you want, he did something no other driver has ever done.  And I have to admire it.

I was not surprised last year when Jeff Gordon announced his retirement.  At the time of his announcement he was 43 years old (he turned 44 August 4, 2015). He had been racing since 1992.  He really didn’t have anything else to prove to ANYONE. He made 2015 exciting.  I was so excited when he won in Martinsville to punch his ticket to the 2015 Championship round.  I really wanted him to win it all in last year.  I wanted him to go out on top of the NASCAR world.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  He finished 3rd in the final standings for 2015.   We call still enjoy Jeff, but he will be in the booth calling the races for Fox.  I am excited about him being in the booth.  He will add a fresh perspective, in my opinion, the booth has needed for some time.

imagesNow this brings me to Tony Stewart.  Tony Stewart announced 2016 would be his last year. This too didn’t surprise me after the last few years.  It has been at times painful to watch Tony go through everything he has gone through.  After he announced his retirement, I was sad, but yet pumped.  If you are any kind of Tony Stewart, you know when he is on a mission, watch out.  That’s what I kept telling everyone.  Tony was going to be one to watch in 2016.  Unfortunately, before he could even get started, he had another setback.  He injured his back during on an off-season, non-race related accident. I was devastated along with Smoke Nation.  He won’t have a chance to get that elusive Daytona 500 win.  I am hoping he will be back so he can challenge for his last championship.  Either way, I will be excited to see him back racing.

Since Tony will be retiring at the end of 2016, I am a fan in need of a driver.  I have been contemplating this decision since Tony announced his retirement.  I like Kyle Busch.  I have been critical of some of his actions, but as I recall Tony wasn’t always a choir boy.  I am also looking at Chase Elliott.  My youngest told me go with Chase.  I think it has to do with the fact his is also named Chase.  I like Kevin Harvick.  This would keep my fandom with SHR.  I just don’t know.  Some suggested Earnhardt would welcome me, thank you, but no.  Here’s what I am looking for, if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Passionate and loyal NASCAR fan looking for… a driver who isn’t afraid to mix up on the race track.  Must be competitive week and week out.   One who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, no matter what may others think.  Must have a winning attitude and be Tony Stewartesque! Willing to accept a DNF every now and then. If you are that driver, I am your fan!

Well, that’s about it for now.  Here’s looking to an exciting 2016 NASCAR season!



Rookie Seasons

Since there is no NASCAR this weekend, I was trying to get my NASCAR fix so to speak.  After channel surfing on Friday night, I came across the show “NASCAR The List” airing on NBC Sports Network.   I love watching these kinds of shows.  I don’t care if it’s about football, baseball, or NASCAR.  It’s fun to see where those in charge put events/people on a list.  I also was looking for something NASCAR to write about it as well.  As I was watching the episode “Rookie Seasons”, I thought, OMG, this would make a great post for The Park!  The episode ranked the best rookie seasons in NASCAR.  My inner numbers geek kicked in.  I began researching on how these top ten did in NASCAR.  So let the green flag fly, and let’s discuss these top 10 rookie seasons!

Who are these drivers who had a sensational rookie season?  Where do they rank according to what you think?  That’s the great thing about lists of these kinds, it always creates a great debate among NASCAR fans.  Let’s look at the group collectively by the numbers.

  • Overall total wins = 352
  • Total wins (rookie season) = 18
  • Total poles (rookie season) = 23
  • Rookie of the Year winners = 8
  • Shortest time from Rookie year to Champion = 1
  • Longest time from Rookie year to Champion = 13 years
  • Average finish in final standings (rookie season) = 9th
  • Highest finish in final standings (rookie season) = 3rd
  • Lowest finish in final standings (rookie season) = 20th
  • Total Daytona 500 wins = 10 (3 have multiple wins)
  • Total Xfinity (aka Busch/Nationwide) Championships = 5
  • Total Cup Championships = 18
  • Multiple Cup Championships = 3
  • Active drivers (as of 2015 season) = 8

When looking at these drivers as a group they are very impressive.  So who are these drivers?  Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer.  Their rookie year is listed in parenthesis.

  1. Tony Stewart (1999)–3 wins; 2 poles; final standing = 4th
  2. Jimmie Johnson (2002)–3 wins; 4 poles; final standing = 5th
  3. Denny Hamlin (2006)–2 wins; 3 poles; final standing = 3rd
  4. Kevin Harvick (2001)–2 wins; 0 poles; final standing = 9th
  5. Kyle Busch (2005)–2 wins; 1 poles; final standing = 20th
  6. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (2000)–2 wins; 2 poles; final standing = 16th
  7. Davey Allison (1987)–1 win; 1 pole; final standing = 11th
  8. Dale Earnhardt Sr. (1979)–1 win; 4 poles; final standing = 7th
  9. Matt Kenseth (2000)–1 win; 0 poles; final standing = 14th
  10. Ryan Newman (2002)–1 win; 6 poles; final standing = 6th

I am thinking these drivers didn’t do half bad after their rookie seasons.

The boys are in the Lone Star State this weekend!  So to all my friends and family in the DFW area…BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY!

TV Guilty Pleasures

I love to watch television.   I watch all kinds of shows from comedies to sports to yes, even reality shows.  Why I watch certain shows over others who knows.  I know what I like to watch and therefore choose those shows.  Sometimes I like a show because someone said, “You HAVE to watch this show!” like I am some kind of freak if I don’t.  That’s how I found shows like Scandal and Blacklist.  Of course this hasn’t happened with shows like “The Walking Dead”.  It’s really not about the show, it’s about the genre.  I just don’t find shows about zombies, vampires, and such interesting.

I LOVE all kinds of crime shows…CSI, Law & Order, Blue Bloods, NCIS, and so on. One of favorites over the years has been NCIS. This show has wonderful story lines and BRILLIANT written characters (i.e. Leroy Jethro Gibbs).  Gibbs has so many layers that he always keeps you guessing throughout each show.  Of course, it’s no wonder I like NCIS, it is from the same person who created JAG and Magnum P.I.  NCIS spun off two shows, NCIS-LA and just this year, NCIS-New Orleans.  I never could get into NCIS-LA even though it has LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell.  But the newest spin-off, “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler” translation…Let the Good Time Roll!

The Law and Order franchise has produced some of my favorite shows as well.  The original L&O can stand on it’s own.  I stopped watching it for awhile after Jerry Orbach died.  In my opinion, he made the show, along with Sam Waterson and S. Epatha Merkerson.  Of course, if you watch the original, you probably love L&O: SVU.  I miss Christopher Meloni.  I haven’t watched since he left the show.  Sorry SVU, I just can’t watch without him.  I did like Criminal Intent, very different compared to the other two shows, but worth watching if you catch it in reruns.

I have been watching this genre in some form or fashion for as long as I can remember.  There were some great shows from the 70s (Kojak, The Rockford Files, Columbo) and then the grittier shows like Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue.  Of course, I could not leave this genre without mentioning the one and only Jessica Fletcher.  Yep, I believe she was the real killer in Cabot Cove.  I mean come on people, everywhere she went, and I mean everywhere she went someone was murdered.  I find that odd.  I think she needed material for all the books she was writing.  That’s all I’m sayin’!

I love to laugh!  My favorite right now is The Big Bang Theory!  I love the premise of the show and if you have seen the show, how can you not love Sheldon.  In fact, I based a professional conference presentation on Sheldon and his inability to adjust to change in his life.  I really don’t watch as much of the newer comedy shows of today.  I have caught a couple of episodes of Modern Family, it’s funny, but it just doesn’t appeal to me as much as other comedies.  One of my favorite comedies is The Golden Girls.  I swear I am turning into Dorothy everyday.  When it was first on back in the 1980s, I didn’t fully appreciate the humor of it all.  Now, OMG!!!  It’s even funnier!  This show tackled several topics that would be nothing special today, but back then, very groundbreaking.  No matter what, they always found the humor in life and loved each other no matter what.  That’s some life lessons anyone should take away from this show.

Reality shows can be somewhat stupid.  And to be honest, I have watched a lot of these shows both good, bad and ugly. When you watch these shows, you have to remember, these are scripted and edited.  They are entertainment.  Sure they involve supposedly normal, average people, but in reality (look how I did that) some are a little off the beam.  I cannot even imagine a camera crew following me recording EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of my life.  Of course, my life is boring, it wouldn’t make for great television.  I guess they could use me as an example of WHAT NOT to put on television.  I will still, however, on occasion watch to see who gets voted off the island.

Finally the point of this rambling…I have discovered two new shows of late.  One just premiered this week called “Younger”.  The premise, a woman who is 40ish returns to the workforce after stepping out to raise her daughter.  She can’t seem to get a job because they want someone who happens to be in their 20s.  So what does her friend tell her to do…lie about your age or as she explains it.. “People will believe anything you tell them”.  Sure enough she jumps right in with the charade. Being someone who is 40ish I can relate.  But to be honest, I don’t know if I would want to relive my 20s.  They weren’t all that great.  The other show is called Bloodline currently airing exclusively on Netflix.  What drew me to the show, to be honest, it really wasn’t the storyline, it was the fact that Kyle Chandler was one of the stars.  That’s right, you heard me, Kyle Chandler.  If you don’t know who this gorgeous man is well, crawl back into your cave.  This show is good!  It’s BRILLIANT!  If you have a NETFLIX account, check it out.  I am down to the last couple of episodes and I can’t wait to see what happens!

That’s about it.  Of course, you can catch me this weekend catching up on all the shows I have on the DVR since there is no NASCAR on this weekend.  I will be watching the NCAA Basketball games on Saturday.  And I will be continuing the annual Easter tradition of watching The Ten Commandments starring Charlton Heston.   With that I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!