WWE…why not?

It’s another Monday night and I am sitting down and watching WWE Raw on the USA Network.  Monday’s can be rough at times, but my escape is to watch WWE.  For three hours, I can take a break from the stress of my life and be entertained.  It’s that what it’s all about?

For years I have been ridiculed for watching wrestling.  People have told me it’s all scripted.  And I tell, them so.  It’s entertainment.  It’s no different than some of these reality shows that are on television today.  I mean where can you watch some amazing athletes, and yes I said athletes, perform each and every week.  It takes quite a bit of athletic ability to perform many of the moves week in and week out.   All you have to do is pull up videos on You Tube or WWE Network and watch.

I fell in love with wrestling back in the day when I lived in Amarillo.  I would watch wrestling from the World Famous Sportatorium from Dallas, Texas.  Every Saturday night my parents would let me stay up past my bedtime to watch.  I watched the Von Erichs battle the Fabulous Freebirds. I loved Chris Adams, then hated Chris Adams, then loved Chris Adams.  This all depended on what side of the fence he was at the time.  But my favorites were the Von Erichs…specifically Kevin Von Erich.  Like clockwork there I was sitting in front of the television watching these athletes wrestle.  It was as flashy as it is now, but it was still fun to watch.  I also remember watching wrestling on a station of Atlanta, Georgia.  I remember watching Rick Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Rod Piper and many more.  I loved watching the Texas Steel cage matches.  I remember one time they had two rings side by side and wrestlers in both rings.  They would throw each other in and out of both rings.  Who could forget the matches at Texas Stadium?  It was my dream as a girl to go and see those matches at Texas Stadium.  The closet I ever got was when they came to Amarillo.  I went with some of my friends from junior high to watch, I believe Kerry Von Erich and others wrestle.  It’s such a rush…we got to sit ringside.  I also remember we got to be in a promo commercial for the next time they were in town.  That was the only time I was able to watch any Von Erich wrestle live.

Just like with any sporting event I watched, my father was there.  I remember my father bought me a purple satin jacket with a yellow rose and a state of Texas on the back with the words “Von Erich” on it as well.  He found at the big huge flea market in Grand Prairie.  I cherished that jacket!  I was devastated when I had to get rid of it of because I ripped the side of it.  But Daddy came through for me one more time…this time it would be in the form of an autograph from Kerry Von Erich.  He was traveling to Dallas or back from Dallas on Southwest.  And lo and behold, Kerry was on board.  Thinking of his daughter, he asked for his autograph.  I still have that envelope to this day.  It is one of my most cherished items.

Now, I am passing my love for wrestling to my two sons.  They are as passionate as I was back in the day  Several months ago I was able to take them to see WWE Live.  My youngest was able to watch his favorite wrestler…John Cena.  I got so much delight watching both of my sons enjoy WWE that night.  They both know which wrestlers are the good guys and which are the bad guys. They can’t wait to watch every week.

So, why do I like wrestling?  I just do.  I subscribe to WWE Network.  I follow WWE on social media including many of the wrestlers on Twitter.  I find myself cheering and booing every week.  At times I feel sorry for my neighbors.  What must they think?  The probably had no idea when I moved in they would be living next to a WWE fan!  The stories are fun to watch!  And well…to be frank…there is a lot of eye candy for this gal…I mean come one ladies…Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and many others.  No matter who you cheer for, just cheer.

So as this Monday night closes I am rested, relaxed, and stress free, ready to hit tomorrow’s work day!

Thank you WWE!


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