Hot Atlanta

Congratulations to Kurt Busch for his victory today.

I am proud of the #14 team today. They started out at the back of the pack after changing engines after the last practice yesterday. He, and the #39 team, were experiencing drive train issues so it is better to be safe than sorry. Tony finished 13th. I would have liked better for Tony, but after having a tough day with the car, I will take a 13th finish.  Ryan Newman finished 17th.

Tires seemed to be the issue of the day (outside the whole Carl/Brad incident).  Several drivers, including Ryan Newman and Mark Martin had blown tires.  I can’t remember whose tire they showed, but it was shredded to pieces.  Were some of the teams too aggressive on their setup for yesterday’s race?  Perhaps, but you should be able to depend on one’s tires during a race especially if they were specifically tested at the track. I guess Goodyear needs to go back and do some more testing before the boys return to Atlanta in the fall.

Now for what I am sure will be the talk of all the NASCAR radio shows tomorrow on Sirius as well as everywhere else. Prior to the start of the season NASCAR told the boys to “have it”. There was quite some debate around this topic. How far would the leash be released before NASCAR would pull it back and say that’s enough boys?  Well, today will test this whole idea of “have it boys”.  Early on in the race, Brad K. clipped Carl which sent Carl up the track and into Joey Lagano.  This wreck pretty much ended Carl’s day.  Brad had minimal damage and was able to continue on with his day.  It looked like he was going to have a good finish. However late in the race Carl let Brad K. know how he felt about the earlier incident.  When Carl was interviewed after the first initial incident, he played it off as if it wasn’t a big deal.  Well, I guess it was a bigger deal for him than we all thought. I know this is going to set a firestorm of debate between all NASCAR fans.

The boys are off next weekend so this will give everyone a chance to spend some quality time with friends and family who are feeling neglected because of NASCAR. Heck, be daring and watch some other kind of television on Sunday. Have a great week everyone!

The Week from H-E-double hockey sticks

I have a been a bad blogger this week.  It’s not for lacking of trying to post something or lack of blog worthy items, it’s just been one of those weeks.  I can pinpoint it to the time change, full moon, and the cold front now hovering over my part of Texas. 

I don’t understand this whole spring forward-fall back thing.  Why do we still do it?  Does it really save money or enrgry, etc?  I just think it’s some of conspriacy, but I am still working on finding out what that conspriacy is all about.  If you know please let me in on the secret.  Also I actually same the loss of the hour on Sunday morning.  I was up because I was watching a M*A*S*H marathon.  It was 1:59 am on my cable box and then poof it read 3:00 am.  Yep…I saw the one hour disappear like that and I have been suffereing for it every since.

I have a few things about Atlanta.  I did  not really enojoy the race.  Well…I was up until the tire incident.  All I have to say is “DOH”!  I know he thought he was trying to do his job and was tryign to the right thing, but he wasn’t.  His actions greatly affected, in my opinion, the outcome of the race.  The drivers had almost cycled through the green flag pitstops.  But as well know almost doesn’t count except in horseshoes and hand grenades.  His actions put most of the field on the tail end of the lead lap and others down a lap.  It took several of these drivers majority of the race to make up ground.  Would NASCAR have thrown the yellow flag if he hadn’t go out there?  NASCAR has always been adamant about safety.  It’s there nuymber one priority.  If he hadn’t run out there would NASCAR have thrown the yellow after cycling through the green flags?  It looked like the tire was going to stop in the infield.  But we can play the “what if” game.  NASCAR had no choice.  You need to keep your head in the game when it comes to things like this.  On the bright side, this pit crew guy may end with a Trixie at the end of the year.

With the tire incident aside, I don’t know who was going to be able to stop Kurt Busch.  The #2 had it going on at Atlanta.  It looked it was going to be a close finish with Jeff Gordon and Kurt, but Kurt’s car was just that much faster.  I think if there had been maybe two more laps Jeff  could have passed him.  Either way kudos to the older Busch brother.  I saw a little bit of the victory lane celebration.  Did Kyle come over and congratulate his older brother like Kurt did to Kyle in Vegas?  Just curious, if he didn’t then that was not a classy move, but if he did woo hoo!  And man if mark Martin didn’t have bad luch he wouldn’t have any luck at all.  He gets the pole for the race and looks like he was going to make up some ground and the BAM another race in the toilet.  He is hovering near that 35 thing, but I am not counting out Mark.  All he needs to do is get into the Top 12 to make a run at the championship.  Of course, he is going to have to race his tail off until then to make up for all this bad luck.  I feel bad for Mark because I would liek to see him challenge for the championship.  But sometimes very good athletes never reach that championship milestone, just ask Dan Marino.  It doesn’t make Mark nay less worthy for the Hall of Fame, but I know it would be something he could notch on his belt.

I really don’t know what I am going to do this weekend without my racing.  I may just get rested for all the March Madness that will begin with the selction show on Sunday and continue of the next three weeks.  I love this time of year.  I mean just look at yesterday. It took 6 overtimes for Syracuse to beat Conneticut last night.  The #1, #2, & #4 seeds in the Big 12 tourney went down yesterday.  My beloved Red Raiders somehow managed to come back from a 22 point deficit against A&M to win on Wednesday.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case last night against Missouri.  They were tied at halftime, but Missouri took it to them in the 2nd half. 

One more thing…I am a very capable woman.  I know how to change a flat without any assitance from a man (thanks Daddy).  I can change out a battery.  I am not afraid to grease on my hands or under the fingernails.  So when I went to get into my car yesterday after work, I noticed my left back tire was low.  It wasn’t flat, but it was low enough to where I need to pull out the can of “fix-a-flat”.  That stuff is wonderful.  It’s easy to use because they put the dirctions right on the can along with illustrations so I pretty much was able to take care of this little problem.  That’s not what got me a little riled up.  Two co-workers—count them two—were in the same parking lot standing there and visiting with each other.  Neither one of them acknowledge the fact that I was have car issues.  Nothing.  I know there wasn’t much they could have done, but at least they could have asked if I needed assistance.  I would have politley told them “No, I have everything under control, but thanks for asking”.  Am I wrong to feel this way?  I guess I come from a different generation.  Oh well…I will remember this little incident and next time they may need assistance I won’t be so quick to help.

Have a great week off from racing because we head to Bristol and Martinsville and I just love me some short track racing!