Goin’ Bowling

tech-cotton-bowlWell, my Red Raiders are headed to the Cotton Bowl once again.  This time they will be playing Ole Miss.  This will be our 4th trip to the Cotton Bowl.  Our first visit to the Cotton Bowl was back in 1939 where we lost to St. Mary’s (CA) 20-13.  The next trip wasn’t until 1995 where we got our assess handed to us by USC 55-14.  I was at that game and all I can say the best part of the whole game was our band.  By the end of the 1st quarter I was partaking of adult beverages.  Our third visit was just a few years ago where we lost right at the end to Alabama 13-10 on a last minute field goal.  I still don’t know how in the world that field goal kicker made that kick.  Perhaps this fourth trip to the final Cotton Bowl at Fair Park in Dallas.  Next year’s game will be played in the new Jerry Jones stadium–oops the new Texas Stadium.  I am hoping the Red Raiders can come away with a victory. 

It does boggle my mind how there are those who think the Red Raiders should be in a BCS bowl.  I disagree.  When you get your clocks cleaned on national television 65-21.  Yes, we beat Texas at home and are currently sitting at 11-1, but when you could have shown you weren’t just the same old Tech, you fell apart.  I am exicted about the Cotton Bowl.  I think we have a great shot at winning this game.  I won’t be able to attend the game even though I am only about 6 hours away.  I just can’t afford $100 tickets this time of year.  I know, I know, that doesn’t sound like much compared to the money I have plunked down for a NASCAR event, but that event was for three races, pit passes, free parking ($25 parking passes for the game).  I think I get my money’s worth at the NASCAR event. 


I have to say, I am excited about the BCS Championship game.  It is definitely going to be intriguing to watch.  I don’t really know who I would root for in the game.   I am not a fan of either team.  I could go with OU becuase of the whole Big 12 team, but they did beat my Red Raiders.  I just don’t think I could openly root for them.  They are from Oklahoma and well, I live in Texas.  So does this mean I will be rooting for Texas against Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.  Nope.  I just can’t root for Texas.  I have been an Ohio State fan since I can remember (I was born in Ohio).  I grew up on Ohio State football.  Go Bucks!

Well..enough of the BCS.  I tried to watch the NASCAR Awards Banquet.  I honestly sat down in my recliner, flipped over to ESPN Classic and watched.  It last maybe 45 minutes.  Well, I watched until Tony spoke and then I flipped it over to something more entertaining.  I just think the whole thing with Mrs. France and Kevin Costner was very awkward.  Comedian John Pinette was hilarious.  There didn’t seem to be much laughter in the place.  Some of these people need to get a sense of humor.  Plus several of them looked like they were very bored and wished they could be at home watching something else.  Note to you at the banquet, trust me I felt your pain.

Trust me the Trixies will be posted soon.

Texas Tech

Today my #2 Red Raiders will play those Cowboys from Oklahoma State.  I know we can beat OSU, but OSU played Texas hard a few weeks ago.  If this was in Stillwater I would be more concerned than I am.  Coach Leach will have our boys ready for this week.  Some think with the big win last week we would have a hangover, but I don’t think so.  

Well, Penn State lost today to unranked Iowa.  So now maybe those who thought Penn State should be #2 can close their pie hole.  If you were that good, perhaps Iowa would not have won scored in last few seconds of the game.  Thank you Penn State.

Now, I am hoping LSU can beat Alabama.  We played Alabama in the Cotton Bowl a few years ago and lost on a last minute field goal.  I still am amazed the ball went through the goal post.  I am not a fan of LSU and never have been, but tonight I am.  If they beat Bama and we can beat OSU we could be number 1.  But we need to get through tonight.  

I have my Tech shirt on and ready to cheer on my Red Raiders.  Oh…for those that were wondering what that loud noise was last week…it’s was Lubbock erupting in celebration after Michael Crabtree scored the winning touchdown!

Wreck ‘Em Tech!!!

Update:  Alabama takes LSU to overtime.  Alabama wins 27-21.  Damn!  But it was a good game I have to say.  Alabama intercepted on LSU’s turn in overtime and well…that’s all she wrote..Alabama will be heading to the SEC championship game.