Allstate 400 at The Brickyard

It was a little bit strange watching qualifying this early Saturday morning, but here are the Top 10.

  1. Jimmie Johnson
  2. Mark Martin
  3. Ryan Newman
  4. Kasey Kahne
  5. Jeff Gordon
  6. Elliott Sadler
  7. Kurt Busch
  8. Jamie McMurray
  9. Carl Edwards
  10. Matt Kenseth

Other notables…Dale Jr (11th), Kyle Busch (19th), and Indy 500 winners Juan Pablo and Sam Hornish qualified 13th and 38th respectively.  Where did Tony qualify?  The #20 qualified 14th.  Is this a sign for Mr. Stewart?  It is strange he qualified in the 14th position after announcing yesterday he would be driving the #14 car beginning next year.  Tony aslo happens to be the highest qualified Toyota. 

I am hoping for that #20 to be in Victory Lane this weekend.  I would love to see this scence from last year’s race repeated….

This is the 15th race the NASCAR boys have raced at the famed Indianapolis Speedway.  Here are the previous winners.

  • 1994-Jeff Gordon
  • 1995-Dale Earnhardt
  • 1996-Dale Jarrett
  • 1997-Ricky Rudd
  • 1998-Jeff Gordon
  • 1999-Dale Jarrett
  • 2000-Bobby Labonte
  • 2001-Jeff Gordon
  • 2002-Bill Elliott
  • 2003-Kevin Harvick
  • 2004-Jeff Gordon
  • 2005-Tony Stewart
  • 2006-Jimmie Johnson
  • 2007-Tony Stewart

Of the winners, only two of them have not won a Cup Championship (Ricky Rudd and Kevin Harvick).  From 1998-2001 the winner who won at The Brickyward went on to win the championship in the same year.  Both Tony and Jimmie did the same thing in 2005 and 2006 respectively.  This year’s race will definitely be worth watching.

Even though I have been a restful vacation, I have been keeping up with all the news of NASCAR this past week.

  • Toyota horsepower–asked to reduce theirs that way they are on par with everyone else.  Aren’t the Toyotas using a new model of engine?  As I recall, when a “newer” version of something is put in place isn’t it usually better than the older models?  Oh well..we shall see how all of this will affect Toyota tonight in the Nationwide Series.
  • Newman vs Wallace–are you kidding me?  Why should Rusty Wallace care why the Ryan Newman has left Penske.  It just boggles my mind.  Who really cares why Ryan Newman left Penske?  I would think that would be between Roger Penske and Ryan Newman, not Rusty Wallace.  UGH!
  • Tony Stewart announces car number and sponsors.  This of course was already discussed in a previous post, but hey it was worth mentioning again.

And one final note…I wish this whole Brett Favre thing would just go away.  Reinstate him, sign him and/or trade him, do whatever you need to do to make all of this go away.  Here’s what I see…Brett still wants to play football and the Packers want to move towards the future.  And from this Cowboy fan, I don’t care where Brett ends up.