Just say No to Tostitos

I am trying to do a better job at posting here in the Park.  It’s difficult when there really isn’t much NASCAR in the news.  I usually take a break until testing starts gearing up.  Hey, nine months of NASCAR car really wear a gal out.

I have some advice for Oklahoma…just say NO to Tostitos.  This is the second year in a row they have accepted a bid to the BCS Tostitos Bowl and the second year in the row they have LOST.  Something tells me next year, just avoid this bowl altogether.  Sorry to One Lugnut Short, but I just couldn’t root for the Sooners even though it is a Big 12 team.  I really thought Oklahoma would have made a game of it against West Virginia, but alas, UWV took them to the preverbial woodshed.  Final score…48-28.  Way to go Mountaineers!

I have to say my Red Raiders nearly gave me a heart attack on Tuesday.  I thought last year’s come from behind vicotry against Minnesota was enough to cause a coronary, but come on boys enough is enough.  Virginia played us tough and we at times shot ourselves in the foot.  I have never seen two safties in a game.  Plus our punter had the forethought to pick up the ball that was clearly hiked over his head and kick the ball with his non-kicking foot and getting some decent yardage on it.  It was reported that some Tech fans had left the stadium.  Apparently these fans didn’t get see last year’s bowl game.  I mean we were down as many as 21 points in that game.  I have learned never count the Raiders out!  Final score…31-28!!  GO TECH!!!

Tonight more college football…on tap the Orange Bowl featuring Kansas and Virginia Tech.  Go Jayhawks!