Name on the Car

Several months AMP energy was running a promotion, where you could be on Dale Jr’s car at Talladega. Of course, you had to be one of 70,000 to get your name on the car and ride with Dale at last week’s race at Talladega. With all those out there in Junior Nation, I thought no way was my name going to even have a chance, but when I search…there it was. Since I want to keep my identity as private as possible as I can, I won’t point my location at to you, but let me assure you it is there.  My name was on the right side of the car in the “M” of the “Mountain Dew”.

Of course I wasn’t the only one who got their name on the car either…congrats to Race Kitten as well. Postman asked how that crash felt…I am sure it didn’t fell all that great for Dale Jr. and perhaps that would explain why I have felt like a Mack truck ran over me all week.

In case you are wondering how I was able to get the picture of my name from the website.  Here’s how I did it (I am sure there must have been an easier way, but I am not all that computer saavy)

  1. I hit the “Print Screen” button on my computer keyboard.  It is usually one of those buttons near the top that I don’t use very often.  This will copy the screen you are viewing at that time.
  2. I then opened up Powerpoint.  I then hit “Paste” under the edit menu or you can right click and choose “Paste”.  This will past the picture into a powerpoint slide.  I then cropped it to get just the portion I wanted.
  3. On the picture, I then “right clicked” chose “Save As Picture”.  A pop up menu comes up and name the picture.  Before hitting save, I selected “JPEG” under “save as type”.  This way I can upload it to my site.

All of this may sound long and confusing, but it’s the only way I knew how to get the picture for my site.

Tony Stewart Experience

While listening to my Sirius online I hear this little promo for the chance to enter this contest…Tony Stewart Experience

I registered, don’t know if I will win, but you can’t win if you don’t enter. If you want to enter, you have until 5:00 pm EST, July 7, 2008 to enter.

I called my hubby, Postman and mentioned the contest and asked him he could handle the exeperience. His response was very lukewarm. Said he probably wouldn’t be able to take off work. I know he is not a big fan of Tony’s, but come on now…this would be a once in a life time chance to hang with Tony. Of all my peeps, he would be the only one that would understand the NASCAR thing. I guess if he doesn’t want to go (if I were to win), then I would have to find someone else.

I don’t care…I still entered!