Dallas Cowboys

Are you ready for some football?  I sure am.  I know NASCAR season is still upon us and let me state I will still be keeping tabs on all of it, but now I can also turn my attention to my other passion–FOOTBALL!  I told Postman last night there are only two major sports in our household…NASCAR and FOOTBALL.  That’s it.  Sure we like basball, basketball and other sporting events, but we don’t follow them as closely and passtionately as we do football.  Postman is gearing up for his fantasy football season as well.  He has about  6 fantasy football mags (the last count) sitting on the kitchen table by his laptop.  He is making his depth charts and spreadsheets in preparation for his league draft party next weekend.  But now comes the fun part of the football season, what sport gets HD TV screen time on Sundays?  Depending on when the Cowboy game starts and when the race starts is usually the deciding factor, but there are times where we have to flip back and forth during the two events.  I could go into the bedroom to watch NASCAR, but my recliner isn’t in there.  Last season there wasn’t much bloodshed.  I am hoping for that this season.  But to tell you the truth we all now who will win this “argument”.

I am so excited about the Cowboys season.  Zach Thomas is now with the Boys.  He is a former Red Raider and I was at Tech when he palyed for the Red Raiders.  I was watching him on the preseason game last weekend and it seemed he was either in on the tackle or if he wasn’t he was in the vicinity.  Zach Thomas isn’t the only Red Raider right now in camp.  Danny Amendola, is trying to make the team as well.  Danny Amendola is a Wes Welker type of player.  I am hoping he will make the team that way I can watch my fellow Red Raiders on Sundays.


One note that has nothing to do with NASCAR and the Cowboys…on second thougth I think I will save it for another day.  I am too emotional, or more to the point Tony Stewart pissed off.  I may say something I will regret.