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Top 10 Things That Make This Friday Fun!


  1. Terrell Owens is no longer a member of the Cowboys.  I know he can make an impact to a team on the field, but his locker room personality not so much.  I hope he finds a team that can finally help TO be all TO can be. 
  2. The Texas Tech men’s basketball team upset #9 Kansas on Wednesday night here in Raiderland.  Our men’s team hasn’t had the best year, we are near the bottom in the Big 12, but it was awesome seeing that final score of 85-64! 
  3. I only have 8 more hours to work until the weekend.
  4. Someone who has created quite a bit of stress in my life is moving on down line.  Adios…au revoir…auf wiedereshen…arrivederci…good-bye…hit the road jack…elvis has left the building
  5. I get to use my free mouse pad I received in campus mail yesterday! 
  6. It’s casual Friday.  I get to wear jeans and my nifty Tech shirt commeorating the major football upset over the University of Texas this year.  Oh by the way that score was Red Raiders 39…UT 33.
  7. I have a messy desk.  I know this doesn’t sound like it would be fun, but it keeps those people who want to delegate extra work to me at bay.  
  8. I have a igloo cooler sitting in my office. 
  9. The construction festival is still going strong outside my office.  I know this is odd, but I like watching these guys dig tunnels under the sidewalk.  And it doesn’t hurt that some of these guys are easy on this gal’s eyes. 
  10. NASCAR
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Starbucks and Music

starbucks_coffee_logo_svg1Today is FRIDAY!!!!  WOO HOO!!!

It is finally feeling like fall around here so I decided to stop by my favorite Starbucks establishment this morning to pick up a tall White Chocolate Mocha and a Blueberry Muffin.  I drive up to place my order and suddenly I here it…the guy on the other end begins singing.  That’s right…he was singing.  He just didn’t say “Good morning…blah blah…”, he sang.  I have to say it give me a little chuckle.  As I go around to purchase said coffee and muffin, I nearly drive past the window.  This is definitely a sign I needed my coffee.  I was expecting Singing Starbucks Guy, but instead got an even chippy Starbucks employee.  She proceeded to laugh at the fact that I almost drove away without my coffee.  I just told I was planning to pay for it today and come back tomorrow to get my order.  This made her laugh.  I don’t if it’s in the Starbucks employee handbook or not, but some of them might want to kick it back on drinking the product! 

When I am not listening to Sirius NASCAR radio in the monrings on the way to work, I usually put in one of my many CDs I have stashed in the car.  This morning I wanted something kind of peppy instead of the sad, pitiful, feeling sorry for mysefl tunes that I have had in the last couple of days.  So I pop in one of those mixed CDs I so loving created off my itunes.  Here is a list of the tunes that I had blaring from the CD player

  • Hollaback Girl
  • Love Machine
  • Another Brick in the Wall
  • Rubberband Man
  • Chasing Cars
  • I Like to Move It-from Madacasgar movie
  • London Bridge-not the kids version
  • Brickhouse
  • Broken-song from Broken Bridges-movie shown on CMT
  • I Will Survive
  • Genie in a Bottle
  • Panama
  • My Humps
  • Crazy-Gnarls Barkley
  • Hit Me Baby One More Time–yes, I have a Brittany Spears song on the CD–I like the song.
  • Tearin Up My Heart
  • Greatest American Hero theme

I realized that is DEFINTELY an eclectic mix of music, but I guess that’s the way I am with my taste in music.  duck-tgifI try not pigeon hole myself to one genre of music.  I tend to lean towards 80s rock and country, but I have other likes as well.  Some times for me it is about the song, not the genre.  If you perused my ipod right now you would find everything from Barry Manilow to Def Lepard to Twisted Sister to Tony Bennett.  So, crank up that CD player, satellite radio or ipod and HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY!!!!!