I Survived

This NASCAR fan survived the weekend.

I would like to congratulate Danica Patrick for capturing her first win. I have always thought it wasn’t a matter if, it was when. She has a desire to win and she is a very competitive racer, plus she isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with “the boys”. This is a weight of her shoulders, of course, people will now ask when will she win Indy. Indy is a tough place to win a race just ask Michael Andretti. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in May. Good Luck Danica!

I peeked in and out of the Mexico race today. Congrats to Kyle Busch for his third win in a row in the Nationwide Series. Perhaps he will now think about running for the Nationwide title. That boy can drive a car.

Like the title of this post says, I survived. I was able to attend the annual Spring game at TTU. This was the first time I had attended the spring game. Next to NASCAR, I LOVE FOOTBALL! It was hot! Postman and I took Little Smoke with us. It is never too early to expose Little Smoke football and the Red Raiders. We stayed until the end of the first quarter because frankly I was tired and sunburnt. I know, it didn’t seem like I was that dedicated, but damn it was freakin’ hot! Besides we wanted to take Little Smoke to our local arts festival so he could participate in another Home Depot building workshop. I didn’t mind all that walking around because it was indoors with AIR CONDITIONING!

Here are a few pics from yesterday’s spring game.
[rockyou id=110436829&w=426&h=319]

The boys will be heading to Talladega this week. Postman will also be celebrating his 37th birthday on race day. For those of our friends who will be celebrating his birthday with us will have to watch the race with us. It is Postman’s birthday and they can give him this…his day. Speaking of birthdays, my birthday falls on Father’s Day and race day. I know I will probably have to share my birthday with him since this will be his first father’s day, but I think I deserve something special….like race tickets and pit passes to the Texas race weekend in November!!! I told him it would take care of mother’s day, wedding anniversary and my birthday. I think it is fair trade!