The Strip

As you can see I reside in the metropolis known as Lubbock. For those who have never dared to venture to this part of the state, Lubbock is dry. I’m not talking about all the dirt that blows around on an occasional windy…i am talking you can’t go into your local convenience store and buy a six pack.

You have to travel outside the city limits to purchase your adult beverages of choice. Most of the stores are located in a little area known as “The Strip”. At night it looks like Vegas with all the neon signs. Talk ’bout encouraging drinking and driving. If it is close to last call to purchase your beverages for the night..BEWARE. You need the skills of a NASCAR driver to avoid the onslaught of speeding cars.

Come on Lubbock…it is 2005! Even in Waco you can buy a six pack at the convenience store.

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