6 degrees and other musings

I was sitting around with several friends of mine during 2004 superbowl (the one with the “wardrobe malfunction” incident) playing “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”. Yes, I know it was the superbowl and all, but the game wasn’t very exciting at the point so we decided to kill some time. My friend Jim and I seem to have huge fountains of useless information floating aroung in our heads. We can recall at various times crazy information most normal human beings don’t know. It is freakishly scary to those who do not understand its power. Back to the story…both Jim and I were able to connect Ronald Reagan to Kevin Bacon. Ole’ Ronnie was once married to Jane Wyman who was in Falcon Crest with Lorenzo Llamas who was in Grease with John Travolta who was in Phenomenon with Kyra Sedgwick who is..you guessed it…married to Kevin Bacon.

OK–for those who care…Britney Spears is pregnant.

If you are a “Star Wars” fan…you must acquire Darth Tater. That’s right..Mr. Potatohead has come over to the Dark Side. I have mine. Bought it at Walmart for under $8.00

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Only 1 month and 6 days till the new Star Wars movie is out and we can see how Darth Vader became Darth Vader.

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