Saturday night racing Darlington–good luck boys!

One other comment on Talladega–i have been reading the articles regarding the big one. Last week was just gave me another reason not to like Dale Jr. He has said it wasn’t his fault for the wreck, but I beg to differ. It was a combination of things all coming together at the same moment. He was bump drafting M. Wallace which caused Wallace to wiggle at the same time Johnson was coming up the track. All those things plus the close pack racing contributed to the “big one”. No one driver was at fault. Johnson isn’t exactly on my good list at the moment (Phoenix race he hit Tony S.), but you can’t blame everything on him.

I have never been shy about my dislike for Earnhardt Jr. I don’t like the way he handles himself sometimes. I had issues with him (last yr for example) spinning out his car on purpose just because his tire was going down and he needed a caution to come out. Sure he was penalized for it, but it’s a matter of principle. You don’t see Mark Martin or Rusty Wallace doing that. I just get tired of Jr. this, Jr. that. It has been nice of late too see less coverage of Jr. on the prerace shows with the exception of Talladega this past weekend. UGHHH!, but I guess I will just have to deal with it because Jr. is the darling of NASCAR. I do believe he has the potential to be a great driver like his daddy.

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