signs of summer

the usually signs of summer for lubbock are here…ttu campus is a virtual ghost town. classes/finals have been over since tuesday. so the only students you will see are those taking care of few things before leaving town for the summer (nothing like last minute) or the whiny ones who realized that “d” isn’t going to get them that stellar gpa boost. plus if you look closely you will see proud parentals smiling joyfully as their child completes another major accomplishment in their life–graduation. i have always wondered how many years some of these students have been here..sure there are the ones who can make it out in 4 years (congrats), but they majority seem to take at least 5 years. oh well..congrats to everyone who will graduate on saturday–good luck whitney and antonia!

another sign of summer–the rememberance of the lubbock tornado…yesterday (may 11) was what i call tornado day in lubbock…it was 35 years ago yesterday that an F5 tornado greeted the great citizens of lubbock….but we have recovered nicely…talk about a weird conincidence…the waco tornado (F5 as well) hit waco on may 11, 1953. how eerie that i have resided in both communities…strange??? maybe??? here is a picture from the lubbock tornado devastation
Image hosted by

speaking of tornados…have you ever noticed how the snack food bugles look like little tornados??

another sign–the more frequent wearing of flip flops–i still get when it happened…when did the wearing of flip flops become a fashion statement. i am an owner of flip flops–have 3 pairs..but i usually just wear them around my house or to take the garbage out, not as an acessory to my wardrobe…it’s just not limited to the wear them too..well if you are going to wear them at least pick up your feet when you do…my gosh…walk with a little pride people!

all the public schools will let out in a few weeks…including those who will enter tech in the fall as freshman…just to let you know those students who will enter as freshman in fall 2005 were born in 1987!!! still trying to adjust to that age thing…speaking of the eighties..i was listening to my rick springfield cd yesterday and it brought back quite few memories from back in the day…there wasn’t a day that went by that i wasn’t listening to my rick springfield cassettes or record (that’s right)…was in lubbock several months ago, but couldn’t find anyone brave enough to go with me..i bet diedra who likes rick would have gone with me…oh well…i will just keep rockin’ on to my cds…

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only 7 more days still the final chapter of Star Wars is out…i am excited about seeing the final chapter of how anakin skywalker became Darth Vader…i will be there in the theatres with the rest of the star wars junkies to view the film…hope it answers all those naggin questions about just who is darth vader…the skywalker family has such disfunction…i mean i think luke wanted to hook up with his sister leia in the first movie…well he was smitten with about an episode of jerry springer waiting to happen….until tomorrow….

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