Dover Dealings

Whew! I am glad it’s over! I was glad to see more green flag racing this week unlike the Lowe’s Demolition Derby 500 sponsored by Coca Cola.

Ok–let me preface by saying I am a die-hard Jeff G. fan. When you walk into my office at work and at home you can pretty much tell who my driver is, but on Sunday I was a little ashamed to call myself a Gordon fan. Tony barely hit you Jeff…it was like he did it on purpose (well, from what I observed on the replays) and if you think about it you know he didn’t either. You even said Tony had the better car. I know from regular street driving that “slow cars” should be in the right hand lane to allow the faster cars to pass. Maybe if you had used this policy on Sunday you wouldn’t have gone out on lap 41. So you dropped out of the top ten this week, you are still within the 400 points of the leader and there are still 13 races until you get to the chase. Word of advice….build that bridge and get over it. If this keeps up, I may have to seriously think about my membership with your Gordon network, etc. I will be watching.

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Jeff you said you would get back Tony at a later time–don’t you think NASCAR will be watching you???
Oh well…the saga continues

Tony was having a decent day until the little love pat by Jimmie–his car wasn’t quite the same after that and plus it doesn’t help when you get caught speeding the NASCAR police in the pits.

Congratulations to Greg Biffle! He had the car to beat on Sunday–Wow! I am still a little puzzled by the Subway commercial. Why does he have the sandwich in his lap while he is driving?

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And it was nice to see teammates paying nice with one another on the race track

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If you are near Eldora Speedway tonight check out Prelude to a Dream where several NASCAR regulars will be taking part including owner Tony Stewart

Ok–on to Pocono this weekend…lets hope everyone can play nice with each other.

Good luck Jeff, Tony, Kevin & Elliot!

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