Chicago–not my kind of town

i really didn’t feel like posting after this weekend….ok so dale jr. finally won after not winning for 19 races in a row..big freakin’ deal…what about mark martin? he hasn’t won since dover last year (you can’t really count the all-star race—not a points race). dale is still out of the chase…he he

i wish matt kensenth would have won instead of jr. matt had the better car, but i guess pit strategy kinda sucked…

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tony had a sweet ride as well considering it was his backup car. tony introduced himself to the wall coming out of turn 4 on friday during practice and had to revert to that old backup…not bad for a backup..he finished 5th. that’s another top 5 for mr. stewart and he’s 3rd in the standing only 151 points back of jimmie johnson…

chicago wasn’t kind to jeff this past weekend…of course the last time he was in chicago it was kind to him either…it still pains me to watch his attempt at “singing” at Wrigley Field. See what happens when you mess with the baseball gods…they are not kind. Jeff has some ground to make up over the next few weeks–he’s 509 points out right now…YUCK!!!!

news of the week–jamie mcmurray will race for Roush in the #6 car starting in 2007. that makes me wonder who will drive the #6 next year…could it be mark part time? there was some scuttlebutt that maybe jamie will go ahead and start with the #6 next year…it would make sense to do so since he is going to be in it for 2007…plus why would you want to keep someone on the team who really doesn’t want to be there??? we shall see how it all plays out

atlanta motor speedway was hit by a tornado when tropical storm Cindy came through the atlanta area
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estimated costs to repair–$25-40 million dollars!!! plus they need to get things repaired for the next race weekend at atlanta in october…

as much as i want to comment on the greg biffle comment…(called harvick a punk and a chicken)…i just don’t have the strength or energy today…let them settle it out on the track

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one final note…was playing NASCAR 2005 on Playstation last night driving the #20 car…like the game, but it is pain when you have to use the joystick that is extra sensitive…i don’t know how many times i ran into the wall or slide into the infield…the ony good thing about it was i could take out jr and feel good about it…maybe if i had the steering wheel controller i would do better…oh well

good luck at louden this week boys—see ya at the races!

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