anti gordon and other nascar musings

ok–this is for all of those people who don’t like jeff gordon…what is your mission in life to let me know how much you despise and loathe jeff gordon? i know by being a fan of his it comes with the territory, but do you have to tell me every time? those of you who know me are fully aware of the fact that i am not a fan of junior, but i don’t go around telling every single jr fan how much i loathe him…i am the first to admit jr is a one of the better nascar drivers around, but he is not the best. has he won any kind of cup championship? i know he lives in the shadow of his father and that must be a tremendous burden for him, but give me a break…people didn’t like earnhardt sr…they booed as fiercely as they do jeff. i will admit that jeff should have known the words to “take me out to the ballgame” and that he was singing at Wrigley Field. For that he deserves all the boos he gets…come on Jeff most everyone around knows the words to that song. Some advice for ya–don’t quit your day job and remember the baseball gods are not kind…oh by the way jeff has won four…count them with me…four nascar championships!

What is the deal with the commenters for NASCAR? For the past couple of weeks there has been mention of tony stewart’s size. I dont’ see anything wrong with him. Sure he may have put on a little weight, but it’s not like he let himself go..I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. See for yourself.
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Sure he made the comment he was “too damn fat” to climb that fence at Daytona, but i think all of the drivers would have had trouble with it…i certainly would have..but he still looked good climbing that fence

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ok–so who is going to drive the #6 next year? wouldn’t it be cool to see mark and rusty do some kind of tandem driving for roush..they wouldn’t have to do the whole season…how cool would that be??? maybe they will move jamie up next year instead of 2007…keep ya updated

One thought on “anti gordon and other nascar musings

  1. Yet another jealous fan. Hey loser, haven’t you heard? Anti-Gordon sites went out of style years ago. Get with the times!

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