tx school finance

once again our illustrious state legislators have yet to decide/vote on a school financing bill…they are still debating this issue..if they can’t get it done this by toady then another special session will have to be called by governor perry again.

school starts in lubbock August 15…will they have a finance bill in place by this start date? is the $64 million dollar question–at this point it’s going to be a crap shoot…they couldn’t get it done during the regular session and it looks like they aren’t going to get it done by this special session

here’s the deal i have trouble wrapping myself around–if i didn’t do get my assignment at work done which affected others in my department i would probably be fired from my job–unfortunately we have to vote these people out of office…

we shall see if they can get the job done…now it’s hurry up and wait time

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