NASCAR–My Obsession

Once again Tony Stewart dominated the weekend. CONGRATS TONY!

Jeff Gordon after a few mishaps finished 14th and only 67 points out from the top ten. He still has a chance to make it into the chase, but he will need some fantastic performances over the next four races (Michigan, Bristol, California, & Richmond). He needs a victory.

Will he or won’t he? No, I ‘m not talking about Jeff getting into the chase, I’m talking about Roush letting Kurt Busch go after this season. He is still mulling over his choice in the matter. I think Roush should make Kurt honor his sponsor and team commitments. That’s what Jamie McMurray is doing. Ganassi is making Jamie honor his contract. I still don’t like the fact that Mark Martin may have to put off his retirement from Cup racing another year. Mark has already stated he wants to run in the truck series and be at home more with his family. Can’t Roush honor that commitment to Martin? We will have to see how all of this plays out over the next coming weeks.

I just love to watch Inside Nextel Cup and Trackside on the Speed Channel. Like last night on Inside Nextel Cup, Michael Waltrip, Kenny Wallace, and Johnny Benson were trying to be serious when answering the viewer’s email questions. Ok…it was funny to see Michael and Kenny try to be somewhat serious. I really do like these guys. Ya gotta love Kenny’s laugh. It’s one of those contagious laughs–you can’t help but laugh along with him. And I have to say Michael’s NAPA Chevy Monte Carlo looked like crap after he slammed into the wall at the Glen on Sunday. He just had a rough weekend all the way around.

As some of you may know I will be heading out to my first NASCAR race in November at Texas Motorspeedway for the Dickies 500. This is the first year TMS has had a second race. This race will be the seventh race in the last 10. I hope the boys can give us a great race. I will be attending all three races that weekend as well as qualifying, and here’s the best part of it all…PIT PASS! That’s right folks..i shelled out the money to buy the pass. I get to wander the pits and see the cars up close and hopefully run into a few drivers. Wouldn’t that be so cool to meet Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon!!! Wow!!! I can’t wait!!! Only 78 more days!!!

For those of you who occassionally stop by and visit you must understand my passion for NASCAR. Yes, I do go overboard a little on my posts especially of late, but hey at least I am not out running amok among the fine people of Lubbock, Texas. I am not the only one of my kind out there…at least I haven’t tattooed myself with something NASCAR…well not yet at least…I am still musing that possibility…if you have any suggestions let me know. This is what I am thinking about…

Image hosted by

And on last thing before I depart for the day…to the Dale Jr. fan who was in front of me this morning on my way to work…it’s ok to move you BIG SUV out of my way–I won’t run you over or put into the wall…I mean hey…it’s not like we are on the racetrack or anything…

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