ugh..if any of you have attended college and had to deal with the financial aid office you know my pain. I was awarded financial aid for the Fall 2005 term. The office has had all of this posted on my fall information since mid summer when I was sent and accepted the award, however i found out today it has not been certified and processed until today (so they say)…i can go out there tomorrow after 2 pm and fill out the loan application. School starts monday august 29, my classes don’t start until wednesday, but i would like to get my books for class.

here’s my gripe—they had ALL FREAKIN’ SUMMER to do all this. I know they handle quite a few things during the semester but come on people, you dont’ jack around with people’s financial aid packages. We depend on them to pay tuitition, books, room/board/rent, school supplies, etc. Now, I have to use other money that is not intended for school to take care of things which in turn causes me more headaches and aggravation.

Thank you financial aid and you wonder why students do not like dealing with you. The mere mention of your office makes students want to crawl up into the fetal position on the bedrrom floors. UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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