Bud Shootout

Wow!! Was that race exciting or what? Denny Hamlin–rookie–winning the Shootout in his first try. I was all excited Saturday because it meant the NASCAR season was beginning–but thanks to mother nature—the race was postponed to Sunday. There was quite a bit of beatin’ and bangin’ going on towards the end of the race, but it was great racing.

I was a little disappointed Jeff G. wouldn’t be able to finish the race–car ended up with terminal damage. What a save by Mark Martin after being bumped by Kyle Busch. Kyle was driving a little too aggressive for my taste–and then he got into Stewart, now I really don’t care for the boy (of course I never have been a fan of either of the Busch brothers). I, too, was upset at NASCAR for penalizing Carl Edwards. I agree with the first call (driving below the yellow line)–that was clear he improved his position, however the second time he was trying to avoid a wreck. Come on NASCAR—would you rather have had a 3-4 car wreck or someone using their better judgement to prevent one? UGH!!

And I see Chad Knaus may get suspended again..what was Jimmie’s qualifying lap DQ’ed for this time? Illegal altered rear window discovered in post race inspection? Gee–haven’t we seen Chad try something to circumvent the rules before??? We shall wait and see what NASCAR will do.

And how ’bout Jeff Burton–qualifying first for Daytona 500 and Jeff G. also on the front row–congratulations. It is hard to believe it has been 5 years since NASCAR lost Dale Earnhardt (#3). I think he would have loved yesterday’s shootout.

The Dual 150s begin Thursday–can’t wait–hopefully Tony will improve position. But it’s not about where you start–but where you finish that counts.

Good Luck boys–Daytona is only 6 days away.

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