Car Wreck

i will be glad when this day is over

i leave from work, but choose to go a different way to get off campus because of the kenny chesney concert–didn’t want to bother with that traffice. As I get onto the 19th street (main street in lubbock and very crazy at 5:00) i get into the far left lane. As i am approaching Flint Ave, I hear an ambulance and look up to see it is my lane. I get over to the middle lane because that is what people are supposed to do. Once the ambulance goes by I am wondering why my lane is not moving. Apparently there is a disabled car in my lane, but can’t get over. So we are start the pull over into the right and left lanes. I unfortunately can’t get over. I put on my signal to tell drivers I need to get over. Don’t they see the disabled car??? talk about rude drivers? any way, i look to see if i could get over and i swear i have the space, but apparently the car was in my blind spot and WHAM! Yep, you guessed it I hit here.

Here’s the ironic part—i was hit by someone a week before i was supposed to attend the nascar race last november…and guess what i have another accident one week before this race! What are the odds????

I didn’t think my day could get worse…well…my hubby and i were going to eat and he locked his keys in his car…and then after we get the keys out and leave to go get ice cream with a friend of ours (she brought us a hanger to get the keys out), my husband drives over the cement thing in the parking space with the green neon and Ms. H knows this green neon very well. I think the kharma from the little neon has drifted over to my SUV!

it is now 8:57 pm. The day isn’t over and I am now looking for the plague of locusts to fly overhead.

well–i have to meet with the insurance adjuster tomorrow at 1:00.

damage to my car
1. left front headlight completly gone (someone ran over it on 19th and dragged it down the street)

2. front corner panel and front bumper damage.

3. small corner of hood bent

damage to other car
1. right mirror on passenger said hanging off car

2. big scratch marks

we need this car for next weekend…ever try to drive more than 15 miles in a neon??? not very comfortable…we are hoping the will just put in the light and let us bring it back after next weekend to fix the other damage.

i just want to lay down, curl up into the fetal position and cry!!!!!!

hope everyone else had a better day.

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