Career Change

For those who know me–you know I work at a 4-year university. I have worked there for the past 7 years–that’s right 7 years. I like working at a university–it is never a dull moment–and Ms. H. knows what I am talking about..he he. But I have become so jaded and burnt out.

I was once a long time ago a teacher. I taught at an elementary school near the Houston vicinty. I really liked teaching, but my situation was disasterous. I didn’t receive the kind of support a beginning teacher should receive and I subsequently left midway through my second year. I was going through some personal matters that didn’t allow me to concentrate fully on educating. I was so upset by all of this I never wanted to step back into a classroom again. But now, after having seen what I have seen at the university, I feel my place my be back in the classroom.

I am scared because I haven’t been in front of a classroom since 1996. Do I still have what it takes to be a teacher? Ms. H. seems to think I do and if she believes in me why not? If I do head back to the classroom, I want to go under my terms and in an area I really enjoy and want others to learn. I have found my little niche in the areas of technology. I am beginning my certification classes this summer and will have them by next spring (2007).

Ms. H. if you are reading this what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Career Change

  1. i think the fact that you care enough about teaching to be nervous to enter the classroom shows that you’re a good teacher.
    good luck, and you’ll make the right choice.

  2. I think it makes total sense that you should be back in the classroom. From one who is truly grateful that her impassioned “I’ll never teach again” has become “Holy cow. I LOVE this gig!!”…I would tell you to go for it. You have too much to offer to the chillrun of today to be dealing with ivory tower bureaucracy all day. Girrrrl, you better get back in that classroom!!

    Let the record show that Ms. H has spoken. That is all.

  3. Thanks for the words of support! I know of a few people who think I am crazy, but sometimes it is the crazy people who make the most sense.

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