Elliott Pirates of the Caribbean

Elliott’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as well as introducing MMs White Chocolate Pirates Pearls

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“This is just another reason why I love having M&M’S as my sponsor,” said Sadler. “To get to drive such a fun and colorful paint scheme is something I am really excited about, especially in front of the fans in my home state of Virginia. Pirates of the Caribbean is going to be one the biggest movie releases of the year and to be a part of a summer blockbuster like this is pretty cool. Hopefully all of my fans will get a bag of the new White Chocolate M&M’S and cheer our team to victory on Saturday night in Richmond.”

YUM…YUM…and I am sure the MMs will be good too!

Elliott will go “10 Laps” with Chris Myers on Sunday during the prerace stuff….and go vote for Elliott in Fox’s Sexy Driver Contest. Elliott is against Jeff G. this week. I just looked…Jeff is ahead. I guess people just don’t get it. UGH!!!!
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I still don’t get how Jimmie beat out Tony…I think and this is my opinion..Tony is way sexier than Jimmie.

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on another note…penalites were handed out this week to a few fellas. Harvick, Stewart and Burney Lamar lost 25 driver points while Delana Harvick lost 50 owner points and Richard Childress lost 25 points. Crews chiefs for Stewart, Lamar, and Harvick were put on probation and fined. Watch that equipment boys!

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