This Bud’s For You

Congrats to Junebug!
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Also…congrats to the “other #8”–Barbaro for winning the Kentucky Derby.

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I guess it was a #8 kind of day.

Kevin dominated most of the night leading a total of 272 laps, but finished third. So cheer up Kevin…it’s sometimes about big picture racing.
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Tony ended up finishing 6th. I felt he stuggled somewhat during the race, but finished up nicely. This puts Tony right behind Jimmie J. in the points standings. Here’s Tony with his pet monkey, Mojo, on pit road right before the start of the race.

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I found the new white chocolate MMs today. Not too bad…I like white chocolate, but I still prefer the original ones best. Did anyone see Kenny Wallace interviewing Elliott Sadler on Race Day? Was it me or was the red MM with the pirate hat standing behind them during the interview was just barely shorter than Kenny? It was just an observation I made!

5 thoughts on “This Bud’s For You

  1. Hey, Trixie! Thanx for stopping by my site. Gordo **ewwwww** is still ahead of ESad. Dang it. Did you see the post below yours? Stating that it’s all ‘rigged’? Do you think that person is serious?

    I like your site, too. May I add you to my NASCAR friends list?

  2. Sure–you can add my site to yours. I was going to see if you didn’t mind if I added yours to mine.

    I wonder if he is. I still don’t see how Dale Jr. lost to Michael Waltrip—that seemed very odd to me.

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