Admitting You Have a Problem

They always say the first step to overcoming a problem is to admit you have one…

Well–here goes…Hi, my name is Trixie and I used to be a Jeff Gordon fan. For my husband, Postman, this is not news to him…he has been trying to get me for several months to admit I have a problem. I still think it had something do to with soemthing in water here in Lubbock or the abundance of alcohol I consumed during my college days.

That’s right—I rooted for Jeffy Poo..the Whiner…Mr. Rainbow Warrior himself. I have quite an extensive collection of his stuff at home. However, I cannot at this time part with my items…I have too much money invested in some of the items. I might consider selling them on Ebay one day, but at the moment, they will just have to remain in my collection. I have stopped purchasing Jeff items however. I have not worn any of my gordon t-shirts lately and if I must it is only to clean house in them–don’t want to get my important NASCAR shirts dirty. All my energy has been in finding Stewart, Harvick, Sadler, and Martin (Postman’s fave driver) items. But I digress…

I have seen the error of my ways and on the road to recovery. I just take it one day at time.

thank you…trixie

3 thoughts on “Admitting You Have a Problem

  1. Trixie, I hope I didn’t start this by mentioning that it said you were a Gordon fan in your profile. I was just kidding around with you!

    I have a dear friend who remains a Jeff Gordon fan, and it doesn’t bother our friendship at all. 🙂 I know it’s not popular to root for him, but it’s still okay.

    That said, I’m glad you’re on the right track with Sadler! That’s where it’s at anyway. 🙂

  2.…this has been coming for a long, long time…I have pretty much left my “gordon” personality behind…i will probably not join the “24 haters”, but he just will not be one I will watch…the only haters club I will attest to is the “48 haters” group

    was able to stop by your sight…great site…

  3. LOL!! It’s okay. It’s just fun to well, make fun of Jeffie. I don’t hate anyone either, but there are some driver’s I snicker at when they have a part failure or a tire go down.

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