Darlington: Dodge Charger 500

Looks like the Biff won! Every time I hear him called Biff it reminds me of Biff in the Back to the Future trilogy. I am glad…Biffle isn’t really a favorite of mine, but no Hendrick driver was in victory lane. Rats–my boys…Tony, Kevin, and Elliott had a rotten night.
Tony qualified 12th and well..finished 12th. No worse…no better. Tony’s car wasn’t all that great last night. He was in the time top for awhile, but began to slip back. The lowest he ran was Tony wasn’t having a good night either. He finished 12th. The only good thing about 12th…I only gained 5 points in my contest on SmokeVip.com. You have to guess where Tony is going to place and the race winner. I picked Tony to finish 7th and Greg Biffle to win. Whereever Tony finishes you get that many points. For example I picked him to finish 7th and he finished 12th–thus 5 points added to my score. The lower score the better. After last week, I have a total of 5 points. I guess the right spot last week…he finished 5th.
Elliott qualified 8th, but his car kept him from running well. At one time I heard he didn’t have any front or back grip. That’s not good at Darlington. He finished 29th.
Kevin got bit by the track itself…did you see that piece of racetrack that ended up punching a hole in Kevin’s radiator. Yikes. He finished 37th.

Other news from Darlington…looks like DJ is officially going to Toyota to be on Michael Waltrip’s Toyota team next year. I wonder who will take DJ’s #88? It will be interesting to see.

One thought on “Darlington: Dodge Charger 500

  1. Yes, so glad that HMS wasn’t in victory lane, even if it was Biffle instead. It was a rough night for several good drivers.
    Hope the All-star race is fun!

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