2006 Nextel Pit Crew Challenge
Congrats to #1 Martin Truex’s pit crew for winning the 2006 Nextel Pit Crew Challenge.

They changed 4 tires, filled the car with 18 gallons of gasoline, and then pushed the car 40 yards in a time of 25.44 seconds. The winning team received $70,100!

(The No. 1 pit crew pushed their car faster than the No. 9 crew to win the Pit Crew Challenge. Credit: AP)

Fox’s Sexiest Driver

Well folks, we are down to the Final Four.

Michael Waltrip vs Jimmie Johnson and Dale Jarrett vs Jeff Gordon

First up…Mikey vs Unibrow…get the vote out! Mikey is ahead of Unibrow!

No HMS driver should be in the finals!

Head on over and vote as many times as you can here! And once again as I always say…vote early and vote often!

2 thoughts on “Winners

  1. Oh crap, I need to make sure unibrow doesn’t win!! Or is it already too late. He lost to Mikey last year too!! hehehe
    Yes, I love listening to Bootie talk. And I love intelligent men like him.
    Poor Elliott!!! I’m trying to keep voting for him, though I feel a little guilty with the whole Kyle Petty Victory Junction thing if he is voted in. But screw it, I want Elliott in the race! 😛

  2. Same here..part of me feels bad for not voting for Kyle, but Elliott deserves to be in after his qualifying run!

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