My friend and I were out shopping at a local craft show that was in town and waiting to purchase some fudge and suddenly out of nowhere this lady struck up the following conversation with me.

(Sidenote: I only wear NASCAR t-shirts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.)

Fat Skank (as she looks at my shirt): Are you really a Kevin Harvick fan or do you just wear the shirt?
Me: Yes, I am a Kevin Harvick fan. I also like Tony Stewart too.
FS: I was just wondering. We also like Tony too, but were Little E fans.
Me: I like him too.

Now at first this didn’t really bother me because I like it when I meet NASCAR fans, but the more I thought about the more it began to piss me off. I am thinking WTF! Is she the “Kevin Harvick” police? Is she making sure people who wear a Kevin Harvick shirt are truly a Kevin Harvick fan? Should I have asked her if she was an Earhardt fan or does she just wear the t-shirt? If you know me, you know I just don’t wear the shirt. If this woman would have looked carefully, she would have seen (along with my shirt) my Tony Stewart earrings, my Tony Stewart watch, and my race car charm bracelet with a “29” on it. Too bad my cell phone didn’t ring while standing there, she would have heard my ringtone “I Love NASCAR”. I could have show her the picture of Postman and myself sitting on the pit wall at Texas Motor Speedway!

Of course, I don’t feel so bad now when I kept encouraging her bad mannered children to try all the flavors of the fudge!–he he!!!

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