All Star Carnage

Last night was definitely a little on the weird side. After several rain delays, the open was able to get underway. Congratulations to Scott Riggs for racing his way into the All-Star race. He led every lap of the Open except one. I was really hoping that Elliott would be able to make his way up through the field, but sometimes 30 laps just isn’t enough time.

I’m glad Kyle Petty was voted into the All-Star race last night. The real winners are the kids and Victory Junction. Kyle survived all the “car”nage to finish 8th.

Little Shrub won segment one. Whoop De Freakin’ Do! However, when the invert occurred they inverted 1-10 which meant Unibrow would not move to the front of the pack. Unfortunately segment two would take out half the field. After a restart on Lap 50, the “big one” happened. Kasey slid up into Martin and Martin had no where to go thus setting of a chain reaction behind them taking out several good cars. The wreck took out Kasey, Martin, Little Shrub, Jeremy Mayfield, and caused damage to several other cars including Tony Stewart. It was UGLY! However Kevin managed to get through. He won the second segment. I was a little upset that Unibrow was still in the race. I knew if he even got close to the front it was going to be over.

I was a little upset during the final segment. I couldn’t tell from the replays what happened to Tony’s car. It looked like he just got loose and ended up getting into Kensenth. Either way it knocked them both out. It was obvious Tony was a tad bit upset. I am glad the media didn’t try to talk to him after he got out of the car. He was a little miffed. This of course isn’t the first time Tony and Matt have tangled.

I hate to be Jack Roush this morning. 5 cars in the All-Star race–4 had terminal damage while the only other car (Carl Edwards) suffered damage. Carl finished the race with a fourth place finish.

Dumb Ass Move of the Night
One of Newman’s crew jumping into the crowd during crew introductions and no one in the crowd catching. Splat!!!!

Well after everything was said and done…Jimmie Johnson won. That’s right I stayed up to see Unibrow win. He won because he survived. That’s it. I hope he doesn’t win next week. I am so sick of hearing about Jimmie Johnson and Lowe’s Motor Speedway and who gives a rat’s butt if he signed an extension with HMS. Stop the madness!!!

Speaking of stopping the madness, was it me or has DW got a case of diarrhea of the mouth? He usually doesn’t get on my nerves, but damn…shut the &*$% up! I baseball bat to the side of the head would have been less painful. I kept screaming “SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!! Enough already…we get it.

Final results
1. Jimmie Johnson
2. Kevin Harvick

3. Jeff Gordon
4. Carl Edwards
5. Ryan Newman
6. Bobby Labonte

7. Dale Jarrett
8. Kyle Petty

9. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
10. Scott Riggs
11. Matt Kenseth

12. Tony Stewart
13. Greg Biffle
14. Kasey Kahng
15. Mark Martin
16. Kyle Busch
17. Jeremy Mayfield

18. Jamie McMurray
19. Michael Waltrip
20. Kurt Busch

One thought on “All Star Carnage

  1. Yep, it bites that unibrow won. Ugh…Good summation of the race. I enjoyed Newman’s crews costumes until the one guy did that jump and no one caught him.. splat!
    Tony and Matt… the drama continues… but if it was a cut tire, do they take everything back that they said?? I doubt it!

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