Times, They Are A Changin’

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, and good night..that’s right folks Robert Yates is making come changes and he is starting at the top. General Manager, Eddie D’Hondt, was fired yesterday by Robert Yates as part of a restrucing effort over at Robert Yates Racing.

As you will also recall, Elliott was removed from #90 busch car so that he could concentrate more on his Cup car and Yates could work on the development of drivers Stephen Leicht and Matt McCall. However, Yates announced yesterday that Elliott will be moved back into the #90 car starting this Saturday. Yea! This means more chances to watch Elliott race.

I hope these changes help. Elliott has struggled somewhat this year some not of his doing. I mean, how do you qualify 8th at Darlington and then end up 29th. He struggled all day. His crew could not get it dialed in for Elliott. And then last week during the Open qualifying, BAM! I was so upset! When they interviewed Elliott, you could see the disappointment and frustration in his face and his voice. I know Elliott fans everywhere are hoping these changes will help what every is going on over at Yates.

Good Luck this week Elliott!

3 thoughts on “Times, They Are A Changin’

  1. I’m partly very happy that things are changing there, because I so desperately want Elliott to do as well as we all know he can. BUT…seeing these changes going on makes me a bit nervous about Elliott doing some changing, too…like, going to Toyota. There’s a lot of unrest going on at Yates, and I just wonder where things will end up when it’s all settled.

  2. I agree. Some times too much change can be bad. It will be a wait and see situaiton with Elliott. I hope he stays where he is. He’s pretty much the only stable guy at Yates right now.

  3. Sometimes change is good tho Ithink RYR is going to have to dunp a lot of money into Elliot or he will soon be speaking French to some of his upper management.

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