Hey, Ya’ll…What This?

I am glad to see Elliott is ok after his stage dive attempt. I was watching a replay today of Trackside when I saw the incident. I was just hopin’ it wasn’t the same people who were at the All Star race last week–please catch Elliott. I was mortified when I realized Elliott was down. Luckily, the only injury he sustained was a bruise on his thigh.

I missed Tony’s wreck (thank goodness). I saw the replay and all I have to say is DAMN that looked like that hurt! When they showed the replay of him getting out of his car he didn’t look too good. He winched a little when he was climbing through the window and then he was rubbing his right shoulder. It sounds like he is ok, but I am glad he went to get x-rayed. If he has a cracked rib, let me tell ya, it ain’t fun. Slipped and fell a few years ago in my bathroom and hit the side of the bath tub so hard I cracked a rib. It was very painful and all that they could do for me was give me some drugs…but they were very good drugs–he he!

Note to Hamlin’s crew…negative to negative…positive to positive..DOH!

From the WTF Desk:
Matt’s engine blowed up..and they went to commercial…are you kiddin’ me??? I am sick and tired of this!!! I want to see race coverage not a commerical!

One thought on “Hey, Ya’ll…What This?

  1. Yeah, that sucked. First they didn’t update about Elliott and said he might have hit his head. That had me freaking out. And Matt’s motor blows and commercial.
    Too bad for Mears… I was rooting for him to get his firs win tonight.
    Most important is I’m glad everyone is okay.

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