Free Agents

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Free Agents
Brian Vickers has asked and received permission from Hendrick Motor Sports to look for other opportunities. I haven’t really followed Brian Vickers all that much, but from what I have seen he does not “fit in” with “Three Amigos” (Little Shurb, Princess, and Gordo). We all know the #88 will need a driver for 2007. If Vickers is looking and finds a home, the #25 will need a driver. Vickers is not the only driver looking for another ride for 2007. Casey Mears announced that he will not be back next in the #42 for Chip Ganassi. His annoucement doesn’t surprise me either. Of course he could move to the #25 if Vickers signs with another team or there’s always the #88 too and then of course Toyota is probably looking for other drivers.
I know Mark Martin will be retiring from the #6 after this year and Todd Kluever is picked to replace Martin, but in my opinion, I don’t know if he is ready. From what I have seen, he needs to get some more seat time under his belt before taking over. Both Mears and Vickers might be suitable replacements.
It will be interesting to see the next round of musical drivers. We will all just have to sit back and speculate. I personally would like to see Vickers with Yates or perhaps Roush especially if Jack decides Kluever isn’t ready for the #6. I like Mears, but I don’t know if he would fit in at HMS either. I don’t see him as a whiner, princess or a jackass.

Craftsman News
Congrats to Mike Skinner for winning the pole at Texas Motor Speedway. Postman and I are season ticket holders at TMS and wished we could be there tomorrow night, but unfortunately Postman has to work this weekend. Part is glad though because I know it will be HOT!

Non-Nascar Report
The Dallas Mavericks start their quest to win their first NBA championship tonight against the Miami Heat. I would love for the Mavericks to sweep the series. If this were the case they would clinch the championship next Thursday, June 15. Why is this special? Because it is MY BIRTHDAY!!!! However, I think Miami will give the Mavs some tough competition.
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One thought on “Free Agents

  1. Nope, Vickers doesn’t fit with the other whiners at HMS. It will be interesting to see where he goes. I don’t think Kluever is ready for the 6 car yet either. Maybe Jack will have a chat with Brian. Or if Yates can turn their program around, he’d be great for the 88 car.
    Love your Candyman comment!! 🙂

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