#8 Conspiracy???

Congrats to Jazil for winning the Belmont Stakes.

Notice the number Jazil is wearing??? That’s right folks #8?

Here’s the weird, twilight zone, moment…Barbaro, Bernardini, and Jazil all won and have one thing in common…that’s right folks ALL were wearing the #8 when they won!

Maybe Dale Jr. should switch to horseracing..he he!!!!

3 thoughts on “#8 Conspiracy???

  1. I don’t think Budweiser would allow Jr. to do horseracing!!! I wonder if he’s asked?

    Your welcome on the pic. It was such a beautiful site, I didn’t want anyone to miss it. 🙂

  2. Only if he were to use the Clydesdales…

    elliott was so cute on the pre-race show explaining pocono…

  3. Hey, Trixie, great site! I just posted my first blog, it is under TRIPLE CROWN TRAVEL, about the NUMBER 8! I went to all 3 Triple Crown races and noticed that immediately after the race, I did find it bizarre. Does anyone know if any particular post position has ever been the winning post in all 3 races?

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