Smoke Rocks

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

From “We Wonder” today on

… what hurts worse than a broken shoulder?
Let’s get this straight, NBA players (ahem, Shaq) sit out weeks because of a bum toe or a baseball player (how do you like your juice, Barry?) decides not to play due to a sore back. But Tony Stewart
drives 500 miles with a broken shoulder? A broken shoulder.
Tired of this story yet? Well get another big dose of it. We’re talking about last year’s champion suffering through an injury that — according to the aforementioned — would have ended the NBA Finals or halted a pursuit of being a home run king. Yet Smoke finishes third in his first full race back.
Is it safe? Depends. Is it smart? Who knows? But until Steve Nash dishes a no-look dime to Dirk with his arm in a sling, there is no argument.

I would have to agree with this one. I know I couldn’t drive 500 miles with a broken shoulder. I hate it when I even have a little back pain. You rock, Mr. Stewart, you rock!

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