My Day

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Today…I celebrate the 6th year anniversary of my 30th birthday.

For those who know me, I usually take the day off from work on my birthday, however I am at work today….boo hoo!!! This will be only the 2nd time I have worked on my birthday.

For the past ten years I have dreadeD the old birthday, not because I was getting older–the real reason…strange/bad things happen around it.

June 14, 1995-Ex-hubby Houston’s father passes away. After that he never wanted to celebrate my birthday

June 11, 1998–Flying back from Waco to Lubbock after finalizing divorce to have a birthday/divorce party. Ended up spending it circling the Midland/Odesaa airport for two hours because of tornadoes and monsoon like rain occuring in Lubbock.

June 14, 2000–Gall bladder surgery. I had no choice for this one. It was either this date or wait six months.

June 15, 2004–My grandfather passes away. This was espcecially difficult for me because I was very close to my grandfather and was unable to attend his funeral

I did have a couple of good birthdays

June 15, 1977–Got to have a McDonald’s party. When your seven this is a cool deal. I got to be “Manager for the Day” and I was taken on a tour of the kitchen. Like I said..when your seven this is pretty cool.

June 15, 1985-Spent part of the day in Washington DC and the rest at the Officier’s Club at the Naval Base in Norfolk, VA. When your fifteen and you are spending the day around navy officiers…well you can see why I would remember this birthday. Too bad I couldn’t have one of those navy guys as a birthday present. Anchors Away! Go Navy!

June 15, 1991–Yep, became legal. No explanation needed here. This Bud’s for you!

For the most part my birthdays have been decent and I have had spent them with lots of different people over the years, some of who still like to share my birthday celebrations with me.
So Postman is going to take me out to dinner tonight and then I will celebrate with friends on Saturday…much food will be eaten, adult beverages will be consumed, and fun will be had by all.


3 thoughts on “My Day

  1. YOU ARE SO GOOFY !!!!!
    Just remember that you are loved by many and we aren’t using this occassion as another opportunity to throw a party and drink … 🙂

    Happy Birthday !!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Trixie!! I think I missed it by a day, but I hope it was wonderful and can be included in the second category – a good one!

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