On The Road Again

Go fast…turn left and right (special Infineon version)…don’t crash!

Well, I would have to say yesterday was just in the words of Babs “CRAP”.

Jeff Gordon won the race. Yea..woo hoo…BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL! Oh by the way…ladies he is off the market—he got engaged to his girlfriend. WHOOP-DEE-FREAKIN’ DOO…I don’t give a rats butt.

The race didn’t even get to finish Lap one, when chaos broke out. Poor Ken Schrader…that hit looked vicious. They kept replaying it…and I must say “OUCH”.

Smoke Report

Tony was having a good run throughout the race until the #20 Home Depot Chevrolet went south. “We know we broke a lifter, but we don’t know exactly how it happened,” said Stewart. “We just know it lost a cylinder.” Tony kept driving despite the fact his car was crap towards the end of the race he complted the race and finished 28th. Earlier in the race Tony and Boris Said had a little meet and greet on the course. Tony ended up with a little left front damage, but kept racing. Of course I love the fact that Tony gave Boris the “You’re #1” salute.

From NASCAR.com,

“I’m not asking him to give me anything. But if a guy gets a run, don’t drive him across the racetrack,” Stewart said

“Yeah, this is a road-course race, but it’s also a NASCAR race. This isn’t European road racing where you block and run guys all over the racetrack. We’re not going to do that. They’re not going to do that to me. I don’t care if they do it to the rest of the field, but the one thing I think we established today was that they’re not going to race me that way.

“When Boris got a run on me, I didn’t change my line or anything. He got under me and got the spot. But both times I got underneath him it was squeeze, squeeze and run me across the racetrack and tear up the nose of my racecar and it ends up hurting the way the car drives all day.”

Tony’s finish dropped in 7th in the standings 422 points behind the leader–you all know who he is. Looks liks this year, drivers will have to be in the top ten to make the Chase. I don’t think the 400 points thing will even factor in this year.

Elliott Report
Congrats to Elliott! He finished 8th! Of course he didn’t hardly any tv time. Check out pictures of Elliott and “Claude” ove
r at Rusty’s site. I wasn’t aware of this contest (NASCAR Pets Top Dog Contest) until…well yesterday when they annouced the winner. I think it’s because of my dislike for road racing. I usually don’t keep up on things during road race weekends. He looks soooooo darn cute and Claude isn’t bad lookin’ either.

Congrats to Larry McReynolds and Teddy!

I am glad Elliott had a good run yesterday. This is something he needed to boost his spirits. I hope Yates is trying to fix everything so Elliott will feel appreciated. If not, I think Elliott will go shopping and I for one don’t blame him.

Good News–Elliott on Trackside in the Month of July!

Everything Else
I know this is a road coarse, but there was quite a bit of o
ff roadin’ going on as well. And I think #40 Coors Light car driven this week by one of those road race ringers, Scott Pruett, was dippin’ into the sponsor product (he he). He was ALL over the track and then some. I bet he was glad when the race was over.

On the pre-race show and Race Day, they kept talking abou
t the road race ringers…blah, blah, blah…well let’s see how they fared.

9 Boris Said
30 Scott Pruett
36 PJ Jones
37 Ron Fellows

And to think some of the owners were worried about their regular, less exprienced drivers not doing so hot.

I’m not a huge Robby Gordon fan, but he can race those road races. I would not have minded if this Gordon had won the race. I thought he was going to contend, but he too had several issues. He finished 40th. Robby just can’t catch a break.

Major props goes out to Terry Labonte! I think if he didn’t have to worry about fuel, he would have made a race out it and I think there would have been a different winner. Of course, as a fellow Texan I am just a tad bit biased.

He is scheduled to run at Watkins Glen with his last race at Texas.

Bobby, he’s younger, brother didn’t fair as well. He was caught in late race crash. He looked mighty pissed. Bobby finished 35th.

Other finishers
4 Greg Biffle

17 Matt Kenseth
24 Kevin Harvick

26 Dale Jr.
32 David Gilliland (not too bad for his first NEXTEL cup start)

As stated in an earlier post, Brian Vickers will be joining Toyota’s Red Bull Racing Team in 2007. Well, I guess #88 and #42 is still available.

Next up DAYTONA!!! I am hoping for a repeat of last’s years race. In case we have forgotten…

One thought on “On The Road Again

  1. Princess Jeffie kind of creeps me out. His intended looks like an Amazon next to him. Oh well…can’t like everybody.
    It would be best if he does not win the next race. He causes too much unhappiness.
    Someone else, please win.
    ANYBODY !!!

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