Alaska Football

And I thought we were passionate about football in Texas…

Source:Fox Sports

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Players in a flag football game began firing shots after play became rough, seriously injuring one player and sending participants and spectators scrambling for exits, authorities said Monday.

Witnesses said they thought at least 50 shots were fired Sunday night at the open-air Anchorage Football Stadium.

Play in a pickup flag football game with participants ranging in age from 16 to their mid-20s became especially tense late in the match, officials said.

“An incident occurred during one of the plays in which some individuals started an argument,” said Ross Plummer, assistant police chief. “It turned into a disturbance. At some point, somebody pulled out a gun and began firing into the crowd.”

After the first shot, players dropped to the turf, then scattered, witnesses said. There were dozens of people at the game, police said, and some players and spectators climbed a chain link fence to escape.

Police have arrested no one and are seeking help from witnesses.

Daniel L. Leituala, 21, was in serious condition after being shot in the shoulder and below his left eye, police said. He had played in the game but was not involved in the scuffle, Plummer said.

2 thoughts on “Alaska Football

  1. Jeez… yep that’s crazy, even compared to TX football!
    PS. one of my brothers graduated from Raiderland. The other one’s an aggie.

  2. k — now i know you have way too much time on your hands while at work !!!!! How in the world did you find this story 😉

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