Crazy Lady

I have never been one to impune other NASCAR fans for who they chose to root for. If you want to be a fan of THAT driver more power to you or if you like the Shrub brothers that’s your decision, but yesterday I yelled all kinds of not so nice words to a fellow NASCAR fan.

This piece of crap white car turned onto the road I was driving on. I was in the left lane and she was attempting to turn into the right lane, but apparently she wanted my lane too. This caused me to swerve and nearly taken out one of those “lovely” orange construction zone cones. (I like the color orange, but not when it is about to become a hood ornament for my SUV.) She eventually ended up behind me. I was going a little slower than normal, but this was due to the fact the car in front (Mr. Mitshubishi) of me. I see her riding my bumper because I guess she thought I was the one who was driving slow. She zoomed around not only me, but the car in front of me. Here comes the part the really pissed me off! There was barely enough space in front Mr. M to fit a VW, but this white car thought differently. She proceeded to squeeze in front of Mr. M causing him to slam on his brakes thus causing me to whoa up as well to avoid become a bumper accessory to his car. Luckily there wasn’t anyone behind me. As we all sitting at the same intersection waiting for the light to turn green, I see it–her antenna ball.

Note to driver of white car: YOU ARE NOT DALE EARNHARDT JR.!!! AND YOU ARE NOT AT DAYTONA!!!

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