You Have Been Removed

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

One of the sites I read on a daily basis has been removed from the Park. Why? The person made disparaging remarks against Smoke. This person has made remarks about Smoke, but they were made in fun. Her remarks this time were just plain mean and pointless. Let me me set the record straight for you…Smoke did not cause Kasey’s wreck. In fact Kasey tried to avoid hitting Smoke. So the next time you feel the need to disparage Smoke get your facts straight. You might want to check on

3 thoughts on “You Have Been Removed

  1. I’m sorry I made you mad … if you go back and read my response to the anonymous comment, I agreed that it wasn’t Tony’s fault. I’m just sad to see my guy had some class and didn’t hit anyone and it cost him in the points standing. I’m not a giant Tony Stewart fan, but I think he is a great driver. Can’t take anything away from him in that respect.

    I am sorry that I made you upset with me. That was not my intent. It is just the way racing goes, unfortunately. I’m a relatively new fan to Nascar – only been paying attention in the past year – and I’m learning how it goes. Some folks get the crap end of the stick – Dale Jr a lot lately, Tony with all the crashes and Kasey with his crappy team. I don’t know what Evernham is doing, but it isn’t working.

    I’m waving a white flag if you’ll forgive me for insulting your driver and come on back. Friends?

  2. Sorry–I do get a little intense with regards to Tony.

    I was having a bad…

    I really do enjoy your blog. I think its because we are probably about the same age and I can relate to many of your posts.

    I guess if Tony can move past things I can too.

  3. Woo hoo …

    Funny that I didn’t read your posts till yesterday evening. That was after Hot Rod was playing Tony Stewart when we went to Home Depot yesterday. He was very cute and telling me how we were going into the turns, gotta pit now, the check out was the checkered flag and he needed to spin out.

    I was turning him in circles in the parking lot and I whipped one too fast and he fell over. Fortunately I caught the cart before he hit hard and I laughed and said “Just like Tony Stewart. Some asshole caused you to crash.” He laughed really hard, too, and asked me to do it again (the crash!)

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