Evermayham–Part Deux

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Looks like the move to put Bill Elliott in the #19 for this weekend’s race instead of Jeremy Mayfield has come back to bite Everyham in the ASS.

Becuase Mr. Everham did not make the change in time by NASCAR standards, they cannot use the past champions provisional.

In the words of Red Foreman (the dad on “That 70s Show”)–“The reason bad things happen to you, is because you’re a dumbass.” (note–i have the audio clip, but don’t know how to put it into the post.)

5 thoughts on “Evermayham–Part Deux

  1. Ok …let me get this straight. Make your owner really mad so that he fires you and then find another job. Work there for a while and then get a call from the owner that hated you enough to kick you to the curb and you accept his offer of employment. Of course, Mr. Parrott, that’s what any rational, money loving crew chief would do.
    Ok … i’ve got it now….This is simply a variation of the “NASCAR MERRY-GO- ROUND” theory.
    Sure hope this doesn’t mean Elliott will go back to Yates after he falls out with his new owner……Whoeverham that might be!

  2. I think I’m ready for this season to be over with… And the chase hasn’t even started!!! 🙂

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