For those of you who don’t know my HP laptop that I have had the last four years is kaput. I can still use it, but trying to view everything through a screen that looks like someone shot a bb through it is tough.

After much deliberation, contemplation, and consultation, I purchased a MacBook from Apple and it will be here sometime next week. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

This will be the first time I have used any kind of non-PC computer since my first year in college back in the day.

Of course I cannot mention Apple, without reminiscing about the “first time” on one these babies. My first time was with an Apple IIe in high school computer class. Yep…I am definitely dating myself by that reference. I didn’t mind the Apples back then, but damn you had to constantly switch floppys in and out–and I am talking about the big size floppies. Computers sure have a come a long way since then.

Since I did mention the dinosaur that is the Apple IIe, I can’t pass up the shout out to the Commodore 64.

One thought on “My MAC

  1. We first used the IIe in elementary and middle school. It wasn’t until late middle/early high school that we had the privelege of using Mac Classics.

    Old skool r0x!!!

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