Back To Back at Bristol

Trixie radioed…

Matt Kenseth was awesome this weekend! First the Busch race and then the Cup race!! Hey Jimbo…watch out Matt is a comin’ for you! With Kenseth’s win on Saturday night, Roush completed the weekend sweep!

I don’t know what was going on with Tony’s car all evening. He started out in the top 5 and it went down hill from there. He finished a dismal 22nd. The one time Postman picks Tony for his Driver Draft contest, he performs crappy. Thanks Postman (sarcasm)! You car killer!

Elliott was running good until he had a meet and greet with the wall not once, but twice. He finished spot above his old ride. It was still a positive weekend for Elliott.

I was watching Race Day and they announced that Mark Martin would NOT be back in a Roush Cup car for 2007. They interviewed both Roush and Martin and they seemed surprised about the announcement. Of course they could have both been playing “dumb” about it all. Oh well…this has been one silly season and we aren’t even into the Chase yet.

California here we come…

One thought on “Back To Back at Bristol

  1. Dammit, blogger just lost my comment!! AGgggggggggh!
    Short version- Matt yeah!
    Tony- don’t know what happened with his car.
    Mark- Kluever isn’t ready for Cup series. Who knows?

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