So far…

Trixie radioed…

So I haven’t posted in a few days…been taking care of some things on the home front.

Here’s the weekend so far…

Big Shrub has the pole for the race today.

Congrats to Kasey on winning the Busch race on Saturday.

I bought a new NASCAR calendar at Walmart the other night. It has various NASCAR stars promiled each month during the year. Elliott Sadler is January…what a way to start off the year. And to my surprise…Tony is profiled in June. That’s right…June people! My birthday month!!! I guess it will be January until June and it will be June until the end of 2007. Of course I will skip over the month they have Jimmie on profile. Oh..and the new NASCAR game comes out this week…Elliott is on the front cover and they have been showing the commercials…too bad he is in his old M&M attire. That’s ok..he still looks good…

Good luck Tony!

One thought on “So far…

  1. Orrrrrrr…when you have to switch to February, just use an exacto knife and slice out the calendar page for January/picture page for February. Voila’!! February’s dates with January’s picture!! 🙂

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