The Chase

The Chasers have been set. Unfortunately Tony will not be one of those Chasers, but this post isn’t about Tony.

I am excited that RCR is back to championship form. Kevin Harvick and Jeff Burton are both having great seasons. How AWESOME would it be if Kevin won both titles???? And how ’bout that rookie??? Congrats to Denny for making the Chase. As I watched the final laps of the race last night, I realized there will be 7 drivers in this year’s Chase that were on the outside looking in last year. Only Matt, Mark, and Jimmie were in last year’s Chase.

I don’t really know who I would like to see win the championship this year. There are several drivers who I would love to win. I think Matt and Kevin have the momentum to carry them to the top. You can’t count out that “crazy old man”. I think he really wants this title. Then there’s Jeff Burton who I think is the dark horse of the Chasers. But then there’s Kasey who stepped up and made the Chase. Even though I am not a fan of those drivers from HMS, you can’t count them out. Jimmie who I consider the Buffalo Bills of the Chase may finally win one (of course this would be upsetting for me). You also have a four time champion in Jeff Gordon and the youngster Kyle Busch who will also be factors. And of course, you have the rookie, Denny Hamlin (Tony’s teammate) who you wouldn’t even know is a rookie except for those little yellow stripes on the back of his car. Of course last, but certainly not least, Dale Earnhardt Jr. This will certainly be an interesting Chase this year.


3 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. This Tony thing still has me in shock, but I am happy that both RCR cars are in. Since Richard has only won 6 Championships as an owner, “let the revin’ for seven begin”.

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