Trixie radioed…

Ok…so here I am still trying to deal with the fact that Tony will not be a Chaser this season. So I have to keep my mind on other things and so I have decided to watch Dancing With The Stars. I did watch a few episodes from each of the last two seasons, but this season, I think I will become a regular watcher. How can I not???…come on people…Jerry Springer is one of the contestants!!!! I missed Emmitt Smith’s dance last night because we were out eating dinner. However, on the results show tonight, Emmitt and his partner performed their routine again…damn Emmitt rocked! (Note…I did go and vote. Who you might ask??? Jerry of course.)

So the first off…Tucker Carlson (MSNBC anchor) and his partner Elena Grinekno. They replayed their routine and I have to say…yuck. I did get to see Jerry Springer and he wasn’t the best dancer, but he looked like he was having fun–JERRY!!! JERRY!!! JERRY!!!

Another confession..tonight is Wednesday and I am gearing up for Project Runway. I am truly addicted to this show and have been from the first season. I can’t explain it, but I really love to watch this show. Also on starting up again on Bravo is Top Chef–Season 2.

Oh for you Survivor fans, it starts tomorrow night. If you haven’t heard yet, they are planning to split the tribes by race this season. I am not sure if I will watch. I think I am Survivored out. I may watch the first episode just to see if it will catch my interest. I think Survivor has run its course. Sure it is occassionally fun to watch complete strangers backstab each other, but it’s the same old same old.

See what happens when my focus is NOT on NASCAR….I begin to ramble on about random things.


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