Can’t We All Just Get Along

Trixie radioed…

I am not sure how to react to the ending of today’s race. There were a lot of things that went on at the end of the race. I was upset that Tony got mixed up in someone else’s mess towards the end of the race. I was happy to see old Gordo get mixed up in the “big one”. As in traditional Gordo style, he whined about the bump drafting and how NASCAR wasn’t watching it..blah..blah..blah.

After the last caution, it was all up to Earnhardt. He took command of the final 10 laps. It looked like Earnhardt was going to win today, but that wasn’t the case. I really thought Johnson was going to make a move on Earnhardt. I mean a victory for Johnson would have helped his championship hopes. I think he waited too late to make his move on Earnhardt. When Johnson finally got off the pot his “teammate” Vickers went with him. That’s when all HELL broke loose. Vickers caught the back end of the #48 and turned Jimmie into Earnhardt. I was cheering that Johnson was wrecked, but DAMN did it have to take Earnhardt out too. It took a few minutes to sort out all the mess. The only thing I know is Earnhardt didn’t win.

I know Brian wanted to win for HMS before moving to his new team next year. I think he wanted to win for Ricky. There was probably a lot on his mind, but I just don’t know. One the one hand I can see his frustrations with his current employer. It has been reported Brian has not been allowed to team meetings for the last two weeks. If this is true, that’s just wrong. I know Brian is moving on, but he is still a valuable employee. I know Gordo got mad at him a few weeks ago for racing him hard. Gordo thought Brian should have let him by because after all Gordo is racing for a championship. I can understand if Vickers was slower than Gordo, but Vickers had a good car that day. But that is another topic. I think Vickers was trying to be a good teammate by going with Johnson around Earnhardt. After all two cars are faster than one in a draft. I don’t think Brian hit Johnson on purpose. I think it is just one of those racing things. I know this may upset some of the Earnhardt fans out there, but it’s just my opinion.

Brian did get his first NASCAR Cup victory today. Congratulations.

Other than what happened at the end, today’s race was very competitive. The first caution didn’t come until Lap 72. There were several grooves for the drivers. The “big one” in my opinion was small compared to some of the others I have seen at Talladega.

Well…next week the boys on headed to Lowes for some Saturday night racing.

3 thoughts on “Can’t We All Just Get Along

  1. I agree with what you said, but why did it have to be 2 Chase contenders, and Earnhardt of all people? At least it gives everyone something to write about the next few days.

  2. Trixie…
    Great blog! I’m guessing Junior would not have beat Johnson to the checkered flag, so I’m sort of glad the Vickers got a win in the #25 before exiting Hendrick!

  3. Sure, a win for Ricky, but like this? I thought he’d be a little bit more remorseful in Victory Lane, but it didn’t really show. I’m not sure I’d claim it as a victory for anyone.

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