Texas, Our Texas

Trixie radioed…

Postman and I made another pilgrammage to Texas Motor Speedway this past weekend. For those of you who aren’t from Texas, Lubbock is roughly 5-6 hours from Ft. Worth. The drive isn’t all that bad, upside you get to see lots of Texas…downside stuck in a car for 5-6 hours.

My only goal today was to meet and acquire an autograph from Mr. Elliott Sadler. As most of ya’ll know this goal was accomplished. We missed our turn, got caught up in some NASTY traffic, and arrived late, but that’s all in life of a NASCAR fan. I just have to say television and pictures don’t do Elliott justice. Can I just say….VROOOM!!! Sorry I got a little distracted. There wasn’t much going on at the track on Thursday except truck practice.

Another one of my goals for the weekend was to swing by and watch Trackside live. It was being taped early in the day due to the truck race. I had my sign hoping to get on television. You sometimes have to be somewhat creative to get on television. So I began to write on the posterboard the following…“Spent all my money, Mom—sent more!” I think I accomplished my goal because the camera stopped several times on my sign. Plus when Jeff Hammond was standing on the stand he pointed towards my sign. I don’t know if I managed to get on television because I forgot to Tivo the show and my friend didn’t have Speed TV. Oh well…so if anyone taped it can ya let me know if you saw my sign? Of course my sign couldn’t top the sign I saw above one of the food vendors…“Pork Butt on a Stick”. I guess you can put another on a stick and sell it.

Got my picture with Rutledge. It was definitely a lot of fun except for those pesky drunk people in front of me. I know drunk people at a NASCAR race, but these people we just plain rude. Thank you for letting me see your tramp stamp (a tramp stamp in case you don’t know is a tattoo placed on the lower back)…I could have gone all my life without seeing that.

Let me just say it was FREAKIN’ COLD at the Truck race. I was definitely in layers…shirt, jeans, sweatshirt, jacket, toboggin, gloves, scanners earphones and Tony blanket. I was still freezin’ my ass off. My NASCAR collection for a heater…just one chance to stand in front of a heater. I am slowly getting into the trucks. Got a chance to meet to meet Johnny Benson. He was just standing around in the truck pits. I guess the truck drivers can pretty much walk around unnoticed.

Another cool thing about the truck race was Emmitt Smith and his Dancing with the Stars partner giving the start command. It was amazing to see him draw more cheers than the drivers. Of course…he did play for the Cowboys and well he was a HELL of a football player.

Congrats to Clint Bowyer for winning the Silverado 350K in the #46 Jack Daniels Silverado.


I decided not to hang in the pits on Saturday. I was a little tired from the previous two days. I did pick up all the free stuff I could, but what the heck am I supposed to do with it? I guess I could use it as stocking stuffers. I just wanted to take in all the midway action before going in to watch the Busch race.

I stood in line to get a chance to win something from the Goody’s Headache Powder display. It was kind of like Plinko from the Price Is Right except you didn’t win money. I won instead a radio headset. I also was able to get my picture taken on one of those riding lawn mowers that can do a 360 in your yard. Only thing missing was my beer. I also had my picture taken with a cardboard cutout of Tony and the Nextel Cup down at the Nextel Fan Area. Plus how could I resist a picture with Sparky (TMS mascot) and the Aaron’s Lucky Dog dog.

I thought the Busch race was pretty boring. It bascially became the Kevin and Tony show. And Kevin Harvick won…didn’t see that one coming.

I would have to give some props to Shane Huffman. I saw his crash coming out of turn 4 and let me tell that was a HELL of a crash and you knew it was going to leave a mark. His car was junk as you can see from the pictures. Our seats are located across from pit road entrance so we got to see what was left of his car. It is amazing how the drivers can walk away from something like this.

The weather forecast for Sunday was RAIN! I didn’t care if it rained as long as it stopped during the race. It did rain before the race, luckily Postman and I were inside at the Q&A with Greg Biffle at the time. It was supposed to be Jamie McMurray at the Q&
A, but I guess due to scheduling conflicts he wasn’t able to be there. I am glad. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jamie, but I was interested in seeing Greg Biffle. I have kind of watched him over the season and you know he is kind of growing on me. We were able to submit questions for Greg to answer. They didn’t pick mine, but Postman was thrilled they picked his.

We decided to head into the stands to take our places for the race. After a several runs around the track with the jet dryers and several laps under caution, the green flag dropped for the start of the race. Tony just dominated the race. I thought Kasey was going to get him, but Kasey’s engine just gave out. Then there was that pesky other home improvement store driver knocking on the back bumper of Mr. Stewart. I think Princess Jimmie could have caught Smoke, but a late race crash pretty much sealed the deal for Tony. I belive Jimmie was also big picture racing. I think I would have done the same thing if I had been Jimmie. Not only did Tony win the race, but he won my a cool $75! Thanks Tony!

Before I begin my discussion about the pre-race festivities I have to say the following. I want to say that I know several Dale Earnhardt Jr fans and all of them are wonderfual people. Just like me they are passionate about their driver as well as NASCAR. They respect my right to cheer on Tony and I respect them. However, this little rant is directed at the Junior fans sitting about three rows down from me at the race. Do you really think Jimmie and Jeff can see you flipping them off at 180 mph? You may be decent people, but you made watching this race unbearable. You were loud and obnoxious to all the other fans who paid hundreds of dollars to come see their drivers race. You blocked the view of several of your fellow race fans because you were being stupid. No wonder Postman cheered when Dale Jr. got loose and crashed. I know all drivers’ have fans who do this.

Speaking of Junior, TMS was celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year. As part of the “10 Years Strong” celebration, they had the fans vote on the top 10 moments at TMS. Congratulations to Junior for topping the list. His first victory at TMS topped the list.

My favorite part of Sunday was the pre-race festivities. TMS gave Terry a Texas size goodbye. Along with several goodies including a new Texas Silverado, he given a wonderful tribute. Justin Labonte was driving his father’s 1980 Monte Carlo. The same car Terry drove to his first Cup win at the Darlington Raceway. It was pretty cool to see them drive side by side as they lead the field around the track. (Sorry for the blurrines). I was touching when Terry’s daughter, Kristy, gave her father his final “Gentleman Start Your Engines” command. I think what touched me the most…Mr. Hendrick giving Terry the car he used for his final race. I’m not much of Hendrick fan, but that was pretty cool of him. Terry Labonte will be missed by this NASCAR fan. Thank you Terry!

Of course, NASCAR wouldn’t be NASCAR without a little controversy. Kevin Harvick got Scott Riggs loose which resulted in a late race crash. Apparently there was a scuffle in the pits resulting in Kevin and Delana as well as NASCAR official being knocked down. This was caused by a crew member of Scott Riggs. I know tempers get hot, but come on dude. It’s racing, plain and simple. What did it cost you? You were basically fired. Can I just say DUMBASS? You should have taken a lesson from Dale Jr. The same thing pretty much happened to him and he handled it like a professional. He knew it was a racing deal nothing more.

Well, that’s about it in a nutshell. I Saw lots of people who define the word redneck. I came home with lots of free stuff which I still don’t know what to do with, lots of souvenirs including a car tire, and sore feet and back. But I will do it all again come April.

That’s it from The Park…

8 thoughts on “Texas, Our Texas

  1. I am so jealous!! We were supposed to be there…my leg has messed up my life. No Phoenix this weekend either for me. Dang!!
    I crossed paths with Elliot in a hotel in Las Vegas once. The cologne he was wearing about made me pass out into sensory heaven. Does he still smell good?
    I am home and posting again…gonna be an interesting couple of weeks scope’ wise…
    Wonder what the Dumb Ass’s scope said on Sunday:)

  2. I sincerely hope yours truly was not one of the “rednecks” that you referred to “seeing” this weekend. Because, as everyone knows, people of Missouri-origin are not rednecks, we are hillbillies. (So there!) *grin*

  3. Trixie…

    Great verbiage reviewing your TMS weekend. Maybe Nascar.com should hire you since Marty Smith exited!

    I believe Sadler will have a great 2007, providing EMS has the resources to drive Kasey and Elliott towards the Chase. Notice I didn’t mention cry baby Valvoline.

  4. gvav–I think it would be fun to cover NASCAR, but I would have to be objective. Sometimes I dont’ always keep perspective.

    ms. h–no you weren’t the redneck..oops hillbilly I was referring to. Race fan down from had a moustache..nothing unusually, but it was a woman! Waxing your upper lip is a good thing!

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