Musical Crew Chiefs

Trixie radioed…

Pat Tryson who is currently the crew chief for Mark Martin, will become Greg Biffle’s crew chief beginning in the 2007 season. This may be a good move for Biffle. Biffle contended for the title the first two years in the Chase format. I think Greg could have been in the Chase this year, but he ended up in messes that were not of his doing. Perhaps Tryson will help him return to the Chase next year. Effective immediately the crew chief for Jamie McMurray and Carl Edwards will switch again. I guess the previous switch didn’t work out for either of the drivers. Sometimes change doesn’t always work.

Good Luck to all the Boys in Phoenix this weekend. The Chase is down to just a few drivers now. I think it will come down to Jimmie, Matt, Junior, and perhaps that rookie fella Denny Hamlin. My money will be on Matt K. The driver I thought would walk away with the championship Jeff Burton had one too many mulligans. And well we all know how Tony didn’t make the Chase. Elliott Sadler switched teams mid year and is still going through his adjustment period. I think the 2007 season will definitely be one to watch.

Speaking of Phoenix, Maricopa county Sherriff Joe Arpaio now has a “new” deputy on his staff. That’s right folks Kurt Busch was made an honorary sheriff’s deputy on Thursday. Remember last year Kurt wasn’t exactly “best friends” with the sheriff’s department. Due to his actions in Phoenix last year Kurt was suspended for the remaining races by Roush and basically finished his season at home. Now he’s an honorary deputy. Wow! what a difference a year makes.

One thought on “Musical Crew Chiefs

  1. I dunno why, but I just don’t care for Kurt Busch all that much. There are only a few drivers I just really dislike and he is one of them. I wasn’t a giant Tony Stewart fan until this past weekend. His racing was just off the hook and I think he gave everyone a big old middle finger for not being in the chase. I really wish now that he had made it instead of poor old Kasey who just can’t seem to get his shit together. I think he needs a new crew chief. Am I off on that one? I am still learning all this stuff. But, you made a good point on my blog today: Jr fans are typically borderline mentally challenged. Now, I don’t mind Jr. I think he’s a hottie, he’s a good driver and seems to be a decent human being. I just don’t think as well of many of his fans. *shrug*

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